ANSYS PExprt Features

Auto Design

ANSYS PExprt can automatically create a design from voltage waveform or converter inputs. The auto design process considers all combinations of core shapes, size, material, gap, wire type and gauge, and winding strategies to optimize the magnetic design.

  • Voltage waveform input
  • Sinusoidal
  • Square
  • Converter input
  • Boost
  • Buck
  • Buck-boost
  • Forward
  • Half-bridge
  • Full-bridge
  • Push-pull
  • Flyback converters

PExprt Auto Design

Core Libraries

ANSYS PExprt includes a core library allowing easy model creation.

  • Vendors: Ferroxcube®, Epcos®, AVX®, Magnetics®, Micrometals, Steward™, TDK®, electrical steel, Metglas®
  • Core shapes: POT, RM, EE, EI, EFD, ETD, UU, EP, PQ, toroidal, T, I, DRUM, UI, laminated
  • Conductors: Litz, solid, planar tracks, planar technologies, twisted, square and foil

Modeling Capabilities

PExprt generates accurate models for use in ANSYS Twin Builder or other circuit simulators, easing the burden of creating a prototype and measuring the magnetic component. Models account for:

  • Winding position and stacking, including interleaving
  • Intra-winding capacitance
  • Temperature
  • Skin and proximity effects
  • Material characteristics, including nonlinear and hysteresis behavior of the core
  • Frequency-dependent resistance, leakage inductance and magnetizing inductance
  • Gap effect and end effect
  • Valid for arbitrary winding strategies
  • Intra-winding interleaving, twisted wires
  • Bi-filar or tri-filar wires
  • Parallel connections

PExprt Modeling Capabilities


ANSYS PExprt provides detailed design parameters, as such losses, window filling and winding losses.

  • DC and AC winding resistance and losses, considering skin and proximity effects
  • Core losses, considering hysteresis and eddy-current losses
  • Major and minor hysteresis loop representation
  • Analytical and FEA-based results
  • RMS and current density in winding
  • Construction (BOM)
  • Flux density - maximum value and variation range
  • Leakage inductance
  • Temperature
  • Complete model netlist for Twin Builder

PExprt Results