Systems: New in ANSYS 19

ANSYS 19 delivers powerful capabilities in two important areas: systems simulation for battery management design and deployment and functional safety analysis for all safety-critical industries.

New enhanced features and capabilities in ANSYS 19 enables users to easily model the entire design of a battery management system, from the 3D physics to the embedded software. With ANSYS Simplorer, users can also simulate and test the entire system. ANSYS battery design toolkit is also available in ANSYS 19. It follows an equivalent circuit model-based approach to battery packs and modules, saving users development time and cost, and making sure that users design is correct early in the process.

ANSYS 19 expands functional safety analysis across industries. Users can now utilize ANSYS medini analyze for applications outside of automotive, including aerospace and defense, rail, nuclear and other safety-critical industries by profiles. These profiles are used to adapt to specific industry safety standards.

To integrate the engineering and safety analysis processes, medini analyze also integrates with ANSYS SCADE — the ANSYS system and software architecture modeling, simulation and code generation suite. In addition, a bidirectional interface to Jama allows for seamless management of requirements. The safety analysis capabilities of medini analyze are enhanced to support full failure mode and effects analysis VDA compliance for automotive applications.

The tool is now also applicable for safety analysis on the semiconductor level, with support for transient failures and distribution of failure rates by percent onto detailed semiconductor designs. It can also import ANSYS Redhawk models to determine die area rates automatically.

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