ANSYS 2019 R3

As fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) edge closer to real-world deployment — on land and in the air — operating safety becomes more critical. AVs require rigorous testing in complex environments, under variable conditions. Physical testing would require billions of miles of driving or flying — a time-consuming, cost-prohibitive, nearly impossible approach. Using simulation to virtually test AVs is the only viable option for validating systems safety and accelerating AV development.

ANSYS 2019 R3 continues to deliver next-generation pervasive engineering simulation solutions for AV’s with the introduction of ANSYS SCADE Vision. Customers can now evaluate the safety of embedded perception systems and ensure AV sensors are free from detection defects.

This latest addition strengthens our autonomous vehicles solution — ANSYS Autonomy — which enables end-to-end simulation. ANSYS Autonomy empowers engineers to perform closed-loop simulation, embedded software development, functional safety and cybersecurity analysis, sensor simulation and human-machine interfaces.

Among a number of other enhancements to the portfolio, ANSYS 2019 R3 also includes the SPEOS Road Library for Sensors Simulation, a comprehensive, retro-reflecting materials database, as well as updates to ANSYS HFSS SBR+ that provide greater accuracy in predicting radar cross section of large targets with curvatures. ANSYS 2019 R3 also includes:

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