Structures: New in ANSYS 19.2

Importing finite element (FE) models is now easier with the addition of smoother workflows and better interoperability with other products. ANSYS 19.2 also includes a wide range of loading, material and constraint information.

The new hot-to-cold (or inverse) solver capability can accurately calculate the "cold," or unloaded, shape of a component to achieve the desired “hot” shape and performance during operation.

Advances in characterizing materials with complex features, such as fiber-filled resins, composites and lattices, make it easier for you to simulate a wider range of materials in your products. Materials with complex behavior, such as cast iron and viscoplastic materials, will benefit from new capabilities in ANSYS 19.2.

ANSYS LS-DYNA within ANSYS Mechanical has been upgraded to take advantage of increases in functionality and performance of the LSTC solver.

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