Structures: New in ANSYS 19

ANSYS Mechanical in our latest software release, ANSYS 19, includes new capabilities and upgrades to existing analysis functionality.

ANSYS Mechanical Pro, ANSYS Mechanical Premium or ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise licenses will now enable you to use four compute cores out of the box, so you can take more advantage of the great performance of the mechanical solvers.

Also new is the availability of separating, morphing, adaptive and re-meshing technology (SMART) fracture modeling in ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise. SMART fracture capabilities simulate crack growth without the need for crafted meshes. It utilizes remeshing to avoid relying on the initial mesh distribution and orientation, which could adversely influence the predicted crack growth direction.

Acoustic simulations are more efficient with improvements to the enclosure requirements, far field microphones and transfer admittance matrices (for grilles) all being added. The nonlinear adaptive technology solves the challenges of very large deformation models, like rubber sealing and forming operations. In ANSYS 19, this has been extended to work with our best-in-class high order elements to give even greater accuracy and performance.

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