Embedded Software: New in ANSYS 19

ANSYS 19 extends systems architecture design to functional safety analysis for rail, aerospace and defense, nuclear and other industries — in addition to automotive. With ANSYS 19, engineers have a comprehensive tool set for safety-critical embedded systems design, functional safety analysis, embedded software and human-machine interface (HMI) development and deployment. Enhancements in ANSYS 19 include:

  • Multirate application design capabilities. Because embedded software routines run at different rates, coordinating data arriving at different times has been a major challenge. ANSYS SCADE now lets you coordinate the processes and verify the data automatically and seamlessly, greatly accelerating development time.
  • Enhanced HMI design functionality. HMIs are often safety-critical, such as when they are used as controls in airplane cockpits or industrial control rooms. Visibility must be clear in all lighting conditions, and touchscreens must respond quickly and reliably to single or multiple touches. Using ANSYS SCADE Display, you can design HMIs that comply with all industry standards.
  • The architecture analysis and design language (AADL) developed by SAE. AADL — the standard for systems modeling — was designed for real-time embedded systems, and models both software and hardware. It has been widely adopted for critical applications in the defense industry.
Embedded Software 19