Embedded Software: New in ANSYS 19.2

The ANSYS SCADE product family includes a number of enhancements that will make it faster and easier for you to design your embedded system architecture and develop and verify your safety-critical embedded code.

ANSYS SCADE Suite now contains major improvements to the design verifier and the Simulink importer. The design verifier has new checking features, together with an improved user interface (UI) and location features. The Simulink importer enhancements make it quicker to import Simulink models directly into SCADE Suite.

An important new feature in ANSYS SCADE LifeCycle is the addition of Jama from Jama Software to our supported requirements manageability tools. You can now export SCADE artifacts as surrogate models in Jama, enabling bidirectional generation of matrices. The SCADE LifeCycle ALM Gateway provides access to requirements and enables traceability during the entire project lifecycle.

Rounding out the new features in SCADE is the addition of the No Magic MagicDraw SysML importer for ANSYS SCADE Architect. Many systems engineers use MagicDraw to design their high-level systems, and now they can easily import these diagrams directly into SCADE Architect.

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