Reliability and Automatic Adaptive Meshing

Engineers know and rely on ANSYS HFSS to provide accurate solutions automatically. The key to this reliability is automatic adaptive mesh refinement, which generates an accurate solution based on the physics and electromagnetics of the design. This contrasts with other electromagnetics (EM) simulation tools where the engineer is expected to know how to mesh the structure to get an accurate solution. Automatic adaptive meshing is a highly robust meshing technique that produces an efficient mesh for guaranteed accuracy as quickly as possible. You need only import or draw the geometry, and specify materials, boundary conditions, excitations and the frequency band of interest, and HFSS takes care of the rest.

To minimize the need for “healing and cleaning” of imported CAD geometry, powerful TAU flex meshing technology is included within HFSS. TAU flex quickly produces a reliable initial mesh from the “dirtiest” of models, so you can quickly advance through the solution process with the accurate and reliable solver technology of HFSS.

HFSS Capabilities: Automatic Adaptive Meshing