3D Components

ANSYS 3D Components represent discrete subcomponents of a larger simulation that can be easily re-used for electromagnetic simulations in ANSYS HFSS. 3D Components can encapsulate geometry, material properties, boundary conditions, mesh settings, excitations and discrete parametric controls. They are convenient for design re-use for devices such as antennas, connectors and surface mount devices like chip capacitors, inductors and discrete LTCC filters. To enable industry-wide collaboration, ANSYS 3D Components can be created with password protection, file encryption and creation settings to discreetly control which features are visible to a component end-user. However, the HFSS simulation engine is fully aware of the entire component within the simulation, and therefore provides a fully coupled and complete electromagnetic simulation result.

An ANSYS 3D Component can be likened to a building block of a simulation implemented as a plug-and-play module. Since 3D Components provide a fully coupled electromagnetic analysis, they have a distinct advantage over an S-parameter model which only delivers a response of a component on its test fixture. A system integrator just adds the component onto a system such as a 3D Component of an antenna on an aircraft to simulate the installed performance of the antenna. They can do this with the confidence that the simulation results represent a fully coupled and accurate model simulated with ANSYS HFSS.

Vendors and developers of discrete components can create simulation-ready 3D Components in ANSYS HFSS and provide them to end-users who can reference them in larger system simulation. With this ability to collaborate through 3D Components, vendors can provide their customers with HFSS simulation-ready models, giving them a valuable edge in enabling first-pass design success.

Modelithics®, an ANSYS partner, offers a licensed library of HFSS 3D components. The library includes models for the Barry QFN package, RJR QFN package, Coilcraft inductors, Johanson capacitor, Mini-Circuits filter and Gigalane coax connector. More information can be found on the Modelithics website at www.Modelithics.com/model/models3D.

3D components for HFSS