Spring 2017

Dimensions Spring 2017

Dimensions — Spring 2017

With trends like the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning, the line between the physical and digital worlds is blurring. Successful organizations need to adopt and expand proven best practices to be successful. In this issue, industry leaders explore technologies and processes that will allow them to continue to be successful. In addition, a special section reveals how startups are competing in the current marketplace through innovation supported by engineering simulation.

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  • Pervasive Simulation for a Digital World

    Today’s products are smarter and more complex than ever — which means companies that design them must embrace leading-edge and proven engineering technologies.
  • Innovative by Design

    From vacuum cleaners to hair dryers, Dyson has revolutionized many familiar household products by maintaining the energy and drive of a startup.
  • Fueling Innovation

    To reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency via extreme innovation, Cummins has created a global ecosystem of technology excellence that allows its engineering team to thrive.
  • High Efficiency via High Technology

    To maintain a long tradition of engineering excellence, Siemens leverages advanced technologies to support innovation in a mature market.
  • Pioneering the Industrial Internet

    GE Digital plays an integral role in digital industry by providing companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently.
  • Technology Evolution in the Age of the Internet of Things

    PTC has developed a leading Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality platform that delivers field-proven solutions to combine the physical and digital worlds.

  • Spotlight on Startups

  • Starting with a Spark

    From the largest companies to the smallest, a successful product begins with a spark of innovation — that one idea so big, so exciting that it seizes customers’ imaginations.
  • Wild Ride

    Bridging the worlds of sports and transportation the Onewheel motorized skateboard makes it fun to move from one place to another.
  • Riding the Winds of Change

    By merging established technology from horizontal-axis wind turbines with kite concepts Airloom is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.
  • Support System

    To aid the more 2 million patients worldwide who undergo coronary artery bypass grafting, the team at Neograft has developed a support system to improve the durability of these grafts.
  • All Ears

    Bragi has developed a device the size of a fingertip that is not only a wireless earbud but a microcomputer that functions as a headphone, headset, tracker and human input device.
  • Horse Sense

    Monitoring the wellbeing of horses when no one is around is vital to saving their lives if they experience colic. Protequus has developed a monitoring system to catch the disease early when it can still be treated.
  • Lighten Up

    One way to reduce the weight of air freight and improve aircraft fuel efficiency is to decrease the weight of pallets. Carbon Freight is transforming cargo carrying with a product that is 18 percent lighter than traditional pallets.
  • Winning the Race to 5G

    5G mobile internet technology is on its way. The team at PHAZR has developed a commercial 5G solution to support the consumption of significantly higher data quantities per user.
  • Jump-starting Success

    The ANSYS Startup Program gives entrepreneurs access to a world-class product development tool — positioning them to compete with much larger companies.

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