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Each issue of Ansys Advantage showcases customers’ stories and important trends across a variety of industries. Learn how engineering simulation is accelerating product development, adding value and reducing costs.   

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Simulation Success Stories

Learn how the world’s top enterprises and startups alike are optimizing product design and development while accelerating their digital transformation strategies.

Advantage Magazine

Digital Twin Prevents Drain on Battery Pack Simulation Time

Ansys Fluent and Ansys Twin Builder are used to investigate design optimization of a battery pack thermal system.

Advantage Magazine

Custom Fitting a Solution for Custom-Fit Kitchen Appliances

Sub-Zero is using coupled CFD–DEM (computational fluid dynamics–discrete element modeling) to investigate dirt accumulation.

Advantage Magazine

Simulation-Driven Design Makes Waves

See how Ansys Workbench and Ansys CFX are used to design polyurethane lamella devices to create surfable waves in rivers and lakes.

Advantage Magazine

Think Outside the Package

An exploration of the multiphysics of tiny electronics packages, facilitated by Ansys Q3D Extractor and Ansys Icepak.

Advantage Magazine

Optimize High-Speed Serial Links for Crosstalk

Learn how NVIDIA relies on Ansys RaptorX and Ansys Exalto to examine aggressors and victims that might cause electromagnetic crosstalk.

Advantage Magazine

Continental’s Guiding Light

Discover how Continental engineers used Ansys SPEOS to create the most challenging dashboard pointer they have ever designed.

Advantage Magazine

When Polymers Are More Than Just “Plastic”

See how Kärcher uses Ansys GRANTA MI to consolidate and manage materials data.

Advantage Magazine

Charge Up ISO Certification via medini analyze

Learn how LiTHIUM BALANCE used Ansys medini analyze to accelerate and streamline the ISO 26262 certification process for its battery management system (BMS) solutions.

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