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Each issue of Ansys Advantage showcases customers’ stories and important trends across a variety of industries. Learn how engineering simulation is accelerating product development, adding value and reducing costs.   

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Learn how the world’s top enterprises and startups alike are optimizing product design and development while accelerating their digital transformation strategies.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Dr. Yu Feng, a faculty member Fresh Air simulation to create customized models of the pulmonary systems of individual patients. By creating a digital twin of the human respiratory system, Feng is helping health care teams deliver personalized treatments, patient by patient, that increase the effectiveness of medical therapies and support better outcomes.

Advantage Magazine

Digital Twins Help Bioreactors to Produce Personalized, Cell-Based Therapies

See how a personalized medicine approach has led companies like Antleron in Leuven, Belgium, to redefine the concept of a bioreactor, using Ansys simulation solutions and digital twins to optimize and customize the growth of cells for therapeutic purposes.

aortic flow simulation
Advantage Magazine

Take Heart: Personal Digital Avatar Dramatically Improves Aortic Surgery Outcomes

Learn how Professor Jean-Philippe Verhoye is using biomedical simulations of individual patients’ vascular systems to inform surgery and produce better outcomes.

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Simulations beside a human kidney
Advantage Magazine

Building a Bioartificial Kidney

Ansys Fluent is helping researchers involved with The Kidney Project create a small, surgically implanted, self-sustaining bioartificial kidney that could deliver a quantum improvement in the quality of life for tens of thousands of people currently on dialysis and awaiting kidney transplants.

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Simulation and High-Performance Computing Reduce Fracture Risk in Osteoporotic Patients

Using Ansys Mechanical on a supercomputer configured for high-performance computing (HPC), researchers at the University of Bologna reduced total simulation time to less than two weeks.

For France’s Equipe Cycliste Groupama-FDJ, their plans to outpace the competition are riding in part on aerodynamic simulation.
Advantage Magazine

Designing the World’s Fastest Bike

For France’s Equipe Cycliste Groupama-FDJ, their plans to outpace the competition are riding in part on aerodynamic simulation from Ansys.