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Product Design Review

Reliability Engineering Services

Create products with fewer design revisions and greater reliability

Product Design Reviews are critical steps in building an effective product. However, for most organizations, this process isn’t easy. Team members are often reluctant to criticize their colleagues’ ideas, and ODM vendors can be unwilling to share design information. Overall, organizations often have a hard time completing an effective design review without sacrificing time, resources, and funds.

Ansys eases the burden of this process by delivering an independent design review by neutral, third-party subject matter experts. We specialize in a reliability physics-based approach to a product design review, providing the input you need to develop products that meet customer expectations of reliability and durability — on time and within budget.

Our experts have designed, manufactured, tested, and provided root cause analysis support for electronic products and systems for over 30 years. This breadth of experience enables us to rapidly identify issues and provide you with specific and actionable feedback.

We offer unrivaled knowledge in a range of products, systems, and applications, including: 

  • Semiconductors

  • Power and analog design

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Batteries 

  • Displays

  • Corrosion protection

  • Housing and enclosures

  • Cabling and connectors 

  • Pneumatics and fluid flow

  • Mechatronics

Our evaluations are supported by industry best practices, fundamental manufacturing knowledge, simulation and modeling, and reliability physics analysis.

With Ansys’ design review services, you can create a product with fewer design revisions and greater reliability—resulting in faster time to market with less risk. 


The Definitive Guide to an Electronic Assembly Design Review

A major auto manufacturer was concerned with the reliability of semiconductor components that are part of a printed circuit board assembly PCBA housed inside a transmission controller under the hood. The unit is exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperature and humidity from heat generated while running and solar heating while parked. The auto manufacturer requested a wearout life prediction analysis on potential high-risk components.


Ansys' Product Design Review provided solutions at just the right time

“As an FDA-regulated medical technology company making devices for direct consumer use, our product had some unique challenges in regard to reliability, manufacturability, and cost. Through their system-level Design Review process, Ansys RES identified very specific opportunities for improvement in our design before costly prototypes were made. Not only did this feedback allow us to meet our production goals, but Ansys continued to provide responsive and robust support through the development and turnkey execution of a customized accelerated life test plan and subsequent design reviews on product revisions. I found Ansys to be a very unique organization that provided value at just the right time.”

Jeff Layton, Former COO
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.