Failure Analysis

When your product fails, you need to know why and understand how to fix it. However, with so many parts produced by so many manufacturers, it’s not easy to narrow down the point of failure and its root cause. If your company doesn’t identify and address those failures, you could face increased testing costs, a delay in time to market and increased warranty costs.

A thorough failure analysis is a critical step to recover from test and field failures; it also teaches you how to prevent similar failures in future designs. At Ansys, our primary goals in failure analysis are to identify the root cause of failure and, unlike other failure analysis organizations, develop mitigation strategies to prevent the failures from recurring.

Ansys approaches each failure analysis from a reliability physics perspective, seeking to understand the physical, electrical, mechanical, materials, physics and chemistry issues that may be contributing to failure. After thousands of failure analyses for customers in nearly all major industries, the Ansys team has the unique ability to quickly identify the potential root causes of failure and understand how to eliminate them.

For your company, that means less retesting, faster time to market and swift resolution of reliability issues in the field before they drive significant warranty costs or customer dissatisfaction.

Case Study: Failure Analysis Control Board Project

Ansys-DfR was contracted to determine the failure mode, the root cause of the failure and any potential ways to mitigate the failure going forward.

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