Simulating Mixing Tank and Bioreactor Performance

Mixing tanks and bioreactors are common in many industries: chemical processing, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, etc. Two common design challenges are:

  • Ensuring high efficiency by minimizing blend time
  • Identifying the optimum compromise between high agitation and micro-organisms preservation via exposure analysis.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is of great value to overcome these challenges because CFD can perform blend times and exposure analysis. Due to the complexity of mixing tanks and bioreactors geometries (impellers, shafts, baffles, sparger, etc.) performing CFD analysis can be seen as complex. ANSYS computational fluid dynamics offers a solution to this challenge: a fully automated solution where engineers input the mixing tank geometric parameters and operating conditions. The complete design analysis is then performed automatically and a summary report created so engineers can access all key parameters related to blend time and exposure analysis.

ANSYS solutions offer a complete automated process to design higher performance mixing tank and bioreactors.

  • Automated and easy-to-use tool to create the mixing tank, impeller, baffles and sparger geometry
  • A fully automated simulation process. One button click is all you need to do to perform the simulation
  • Automatic report creation supplies blend time and exposure analysis information to engineers and the design team
  • If more complex simulations need to be performed, CFD experts can leverage the ease of use of geometry and mesh creation but opt out of the one-button click simulation and set up more complex simulations (e.g. complex multiphase flows, simulation with dense particulates, etc.)
  • Different designs can easily be assessed thanks to ANSYS Workbench parametric and design exploration capabilities

Mixing Analysis Workflow
The mixing analysis template is set automatically in ANSYS Workbench.

Mixing Tank Geometry
A single panel enables you to define the geometry of the mixing tank. Industry standard tank bottom types, impellers, baffles, etc., make geometry definition a breeze.

Mixing Template Simulation Report
A complete simulation report is created automatically and key parameters (velocity contours, animation of blending, etc.) are directly available.