Marine and Offshore CFD Simulation: Hydrodynamics and Wave Impact Analysis

In the offshore industry, it is common to analyze hydrodynamics and wave impact using potential flow solvers like ANSYS Aqwa to assess wave loading and buoyancy dynamics. But shipping and offshore engineers who design complex oil platforms, ships and other marine structures also rely on 3-D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to model and accurately predict:

  • Ship drag, trim & sinkage and dynamic motion in waves
  • Wave loading on offshore structures
  • Green water behavior, which occurs when a large quantity of water accumulates on a ship's deck as a result of massive waves from storms — and often leads to equipment damage


ANSYS solutions offer a complete range of fluid dynamics and marine simulation tools for shipping and offshore product designers.

  • Rapid and high-quality meshing for complex offshore, naval and marine applications
  • Ability to simulate a wide range of waves
    • From shallow-water waves to nonlinear oceanic waves
    • Tsunami waves
    • Superposition of waves
  • Accurate and fast CFD simulation of wave interaction with offshore platforms, ships and other marine structures
  • Ability to connect 3-D CFD simulation to ANSYS Aqwa to predict the behavior of moored and/or connected systems subject to random sea states

Hydrodynamic simulation of container ship
Hydrodynamic simulation of container ship. Simulation predicts wave motion, heights and pressure on hull.

Simulation of wave impact on offshore platform
Simulation of wave impact on offshore platform predicting both wave loading on offshore structure and green-water behavior.