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Academic Webinar Series

Learn how simulation and materials products can enhance your curriculum and provide students with an improved learning experience.

Simulation is used to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Additionally, materials products help engineers make informed decisions to drive better end results. Students graduating with this skillset are employable and make a difference on day one of their careers.

Our Academic Webinar Series highlights ways to strengthen your curricula, provide a hands-on learning experience and improve student retention rates.

Upcoming Webinars

June 06, 2024 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST
Intro to Critical Raw Materials to Engineering and Design Students

 In this webinar the topic of critical raw materials will be introduced.  

June 18, 2024 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST
Introductory Teaching of Antenna Design with Ansys HFSS

Helping students understand the underlying physics that connects antenna performance, array implementation, and prediction of its behavior is featured in this upcoming webinar on Ansys Electronics Desktop.

June 19, 2024 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST / 8:30 PM IST
Structural idea
Introductory Teaching of Solid Mechanics with FEA

We will showcase during this webinar, how Ansys helps to bring in numerical simulation earlier in the curriculum as part of fundamental courses. We'll share some easy-to-grasp practical examples to inspire students and reinforce theoretical learning, highlighting how analytical teaching of theories can complement visualization of physical phenomena.

Webinars on Demand

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