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Automotive Transportation and Mobility

Simulating the Future of Transportation and Mobility

Exponentially innovate to deliver the transportation and mobility experiences of the future with the next generation of simulation and engineering tools.

Cost Reduction and Accelerated Innovation with Simulation

We are at the cusp of the largest technological transformation in history with the convergence of multiple technologies and megatrends that will revolutionize the automotive industry. To deliver transformative mobility and transportation experiences, the automotive industry must innovate at an exponential rate to invent disruptive technologies and get to market faster than ever before.

Simulating the digital twin of extremely complex products throughout the product lifecycle with Ansys solutions allows the automotive industry to achieve 1000x faster innovation while improving safety and performance.

  • Electric Vehicles
    Electric Vehicles
  • Vehicle Engineering
    Vehicle Engineering
  • Simulation Solutions
    Simulation Solutions
  • ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles
    ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Safety Engineering
    Safety Engineering

Powerful Simulation Tools Tailored for the Automotive Market

Powerful SIM Tools

Electric Vehicles

Ansys simulation solutions enable rapid electric and hybrid vehicle innovation for both component and system levels. Key applications include batteries and battery management systems, fuel cells, power electronics, electric motors and the integrated electrified powertrain system.

Vehicle Engineering

Ansys provides the most accurate simulation capabilities tailored for the detailed engineering needs of vehicle technology. These solutions enable the simulation of vehicle systems comprehensively with fully integrated structural, crash, fluids, thermal, electromagnetics, electronics, semiconductor, software and systems simulation tools.

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ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Supporting a safety by design and safety by validation approach. Ansys provides broad and deep capabilities for simulating autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems. Our software can be leveraged for high-fidelity, physics-based sensor modeling to ISO26262 and AUTOSAR compliant embedded software and human-machine interface development.

Safety Engineering

Ansys safety analysis and embedded software solutions are developed specifically to meet the requirements and standards of the automotive industry, such as ISO26262 and AUTOSAR. This enables engineers to meet industry required safety standards at a dramatically lower cost and at twice the speed of more manual approaches.

The Connected Mobility Experience

Ansys 5G simulation solutions provide electromagnetics, semiconductor, electronics cooling and mechanical analysis tools to accurately simulate 5G communications technologies.



Vehicle electrification is a complicated — but crucial — problem to solve. Electric cars and electric aircraft will be vital to a sustainable transportation industry. Only multiphysics simulation enables the rapid and reliable innovation that next-generation electrification advancements require.



Automation is driving progress across sectors, from factory robots to autonomous vehicles to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that drive automation itself. See why simulation is critical for autonomous technology to reach its full potential.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections


Engineers use Ansys simulation solutions to develop 5G technologies from devices to networks to data centers. Learn how simulation can help you solve difficult design problems and build your next generation of devices.

배터리 시뮬레이션

배터리 시뮬레이션

Ansys 배터리 모델링 및 시뮬레이션 솔루션은 다중물리를 사용하여 배터리 성능과 안전성을 극대화하는 동시에 비용과 테스트 시간을 줄입니다.

전기 모터

전기 모터

Ansys 전기 모터 설계 소프트웨어는 전기 모터의 개념 설계부터 세부적인 전자기, 열 및 구조 해석까지 진행합니다.

전기화된 파워트레인 시스템 통합

전기화된 파워트레인 시스템 통합

Ansys 시뮬레이션 소프트웨어를 사용하여 매우 복잡한 전기 자동차 및 하이브리드 전기 자동차 파워트레인과 하위 시스템 및 구성 요소를 통합하십시오.

Power electronics systems

파워 일렉트로닉스

파워 일렉트로닉스 시스템은 복잡합니다. 시뮬레이션은 고급 설계 과제를 효율적으로 해결하고, 성능을 향상시키며, 혁신을 주도하는 도구를 제공합니다.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Leading automotive manufacturers choose Ansys simulation to develop the first wave of autonomous vehicles.

transportation ADAS case study


"Ansys medini analyze has streamlined and accelerated functional safety analysis for hardware, software and systems — delivering possible efficiencies including an up to 50% reduction in the time devoted to these tasks."

—Kamil Svancara, Cyber Security Manager, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Experts anticipate that by 2030, 45% of vehicles sold will be highly automated.  When this occurs, autonomous vehicles will bring many advantages such as traffic reduction and lower emissions. 

Of course, there are still major barriers to overcome. Engineers must deliver more complex vehicles while limiting cost and maximizing safety and performance. Ansys simulation tools offer a streamlined approach to design and validate these vehicles in a fast and reliable way.  In this e-book you’ll see how major companies like BMW and SKODA Auto benefit from simulation for their autonomy systems.

Simulation Tailored for Next-Generation Vehicles

As autonomy is normalized, vehicles are becoming more complex to design and validate. Ansys offers a wide variety of simulation tools to help engineers deal with these new barriers. These simulation methods have been extensively validated by numerous leading automotive manufacturers for proven methods to reduce costs and bring products to market faster.

Battery Management
On Demand Webinar

Accurately Predict Battery Failure Modes

Simulation gives a strong understanding of how an EV battery responds to accidents without extensive testing. 

structural aa magazine

Including Batteries in Electric or Hybrid Car Crash Simulations

With simulation, you no longer need to rely on wasteful and expensive physical crash tests. Understand how your designs can be optimized for automotive crash scenarios through simulations of multi-physics response.

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Electrification case study

Engineer What’s Ahead: Electric Mobility

Find out how pioneers like VW Motorsport, Subaru and A123 are using simulation to win the race by downloading the e-book.


Ansys Automotive article
Ansys Advantage

Best of Automotive

Intelligent Mobility: This issue of Ansys Advantage describes how organizations around the world are creating the next generation of autonomous vehicles by simulating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and human-machine interactions.

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