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Advanced Polymer and Material Calibration Software

MCalibration makes it easy to find the best material models for your materials

Material Model Calibration

Working with any material model requires determining appropriate material parameters from experimental data. This can be challenging when the advanced material model is non-linear. To facilitate the parameter extraction, Polymer FEM has developed MCalibration. This software application enables semi-automatic extraction of pertinent material parameters from experimental data. 

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    Extract material parameters
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    Calibrate material parameters
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    Calibrate viscoelastic, viscoplastic, and anisotropic models
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    Perform virtual experiments
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    Check stability of model
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    Clean up test data sets
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Quick Specs

MCalibration allows users to optimize material parameters for accurate simulations. This optimization benefits industries that require precise material modeling for product development and testing, such as the automotive, aerospace, and biomedical sectors.

  • Comprehensive Material Model Library
  • Data Handling and Visualization
  • Calibration and Optimization
  • Integration with FEA Software User-Friendly Interface
  • Advanced Solver Options
  • Virtual Experimentation

Featured Webinar

Get Started with MCalibration for Ansys Mechanical

In this webinar, you will learn how to calibrate simple and advanced viscoplastic material models for use with Ansys Mechanical.

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