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Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation with Ansys

Exploring how to take your career or skillset to the next level? Attend our webinar to learn about the Technical University of Madrid’s online Master’s Degree Program. 


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About this Webinar

To solve the engineering challenges of today, engineers need to utilize simulation. The Technical University of Madrid’s (UPM) Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation, built in collaboration with Ansys, was developed to help engineers meet this challenge. The program works to close the skills gap that exists in industry today and enables a strong understanding of the methods used in numerical simulation software, while using practical applications and best practices to solve real world problems.

The program started with courses focused on fluids and structures simulations, and in October 2021, a new electromagnetic course became available. The program offers flexibility to learners with commitments ranging from a specialist or expert degree to a full master’s degree. Additionally, courses are offered online and in English making the program options widely accessible.

If you are considering how to take your career or skillet to the next level, attend this webinar to discover the value this program delivers. Hear Ricardo Perera, UPM professor, as well as the alumni perspective from a recently graduated student.

What You Will Learn

  • In this webinar attendees will learn about the Master’s Degree Program which includes the following benefits:
  • Gain an understanding of the methods used in numerical simulation software to solve real world problems
  • Learn how to use Ansys’ simulation tools through curriculum that was designed by Ansys experts.
  • The master’s degree is flexible—adjust your curriculum to fit your schedule and goals

Who Should Attend

Engineers who are looking to expand their skillset and learn simulation.


  • UPM - Ricardo Perera 
  • Student Testimonial
Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation with Ansys