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Autonomous Sensor Development

Simulation dramatically improves sensor capabilities, accelerates sensor-vehicle integration and enables rapid performance analysis across a wide range of operating conditions. 


High-Performance Sensor Design for All Conditions

Sensors are critical components that provide the information autonomous vehicles need to make intelligent and safe decisions. They must reliably deliver high performance capabilities and function in a wide range of adverse operating conditions, including rain, ice and snow. Simulation is proven to enable engineers to improve sensor performance, determine optimal vehicle integration configurations and examine their behavior across a wide range of operational scenarios. With such safety-critical systems, the most accurate, physics-based simulation tools are required. Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor development capability that includes:

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Autonomous vehicle sensor simulation including lidar, radar and camera design

Sensor Design and Integration

ASD Driverless


Ansys multiphysics solutions, including optomechanical, thermal interactions and an optical materials properties library, enable rapid emitter and receiver design and placement optimization.


Ansys multiphysics simulation solutions enable rapid camera design and placement studies using vision performance analysis and high-fidelity lens transfer functions for optomechanical optimization, placement and validation.


With Ansys' proven electromagnetic simulation capabilities, engineers can rapidly analyze radar system performance in complex, dynamic scenarios and improve the accuracy of their response to potential hazards.

Perception Software Testing 

SCADE Vision automatically identifies potential vulnerabilities in AV perception systems. It helps you find and categorize edge cases where these systems might exhibit unsafe behavior.

Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys SPEOS

Speos is dedicated to design, measure and assess light propagation in your system. Adopt a virtual prototype strategy thanks to accurate and fast optical simulation thanks to Human Vision unique capability. In a 3D environment, design and validate any Lighting Design, develop and integrate optical sensors system such as Camera and LiDAR with a realistic environment (weather) or optimize any display design.

Ansys HFSS
Ansys HFSS
전자 Ansys HFSS

고주파, 고속의 전자부품을 설계하는 3D 전자기장 솔버. FEM, IE, 점근 및 하이브리드 솔버는 RF, 마이크로파, IC, PCB및 EMI 문제를 해결합니다.

  • 멀티 레이어 패키지 솔빙
  • PCB 및 패키지에 대한 3D 레이아웃 워크플로우
  • 고주파 전자기기 솔버
  • 3D 컴포넌트를 통한 IP 보호
Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors
Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors
Ansys Autonomous Vehicle Simulation icon autonomous black
Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors는 카메라 및 라이다 센서 유형의 GT(Ground-Truth) 센서 시뮬레이션을 손쉽게 통합하여 복잡한 ADAS 시스템 및 자율 주행 차량을 가상으로 평가합니다.
  • 카메라, 라이다 및 레이더 센서 시뮬레이션
  • 물리 기반 광학 센서 활용
  • 엣지 케이스 시나리오 테스트
  • HiL, MiL 및 SiL 테스트 수행
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry and at universities around the world. Get everything you need to simulate, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing.

Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder
Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder
Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder

Flawlessly convert lens design data into native CAD to build optical designs faster with fewer errors. Easily see mechanical impacts on optical performance and maintain design quality throughout the optomechanical design process. Create ISO-compliant optical drawings at the push of a button. 


Improving Data Builds a Better Autonomous System

The use of simulation through Ansys has allowed engineers access to better data, new tools and improved design, all before the physical prototype stage. With so many components of autonomous vehicles pulling in data via sensors to feed an algorithm, advance every step of the process by increasing the quality of the data and discovering solutions during simulation.



Ansys Speos Trial

An optical system design solution to predict the illumination and optical performance of your product early in the design process while improving its efficiency.

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Autonomous Vehicle Radar: Improving Radar Performance with Simulation

Sensors play a crucial role as the eyes and ears of the autonomous vehicle control system. To develop the most accurate algorithms to guide a vehicle, learn how Ansys can provide high-level sensor data. 


Photometric Qualification of Ansys AVxcelerate for a Virtual Night Driving Test

Learn how Ansys AVxcelerate delivers the same photometric results as CIE-certified Ansys Speos, providing a comprehensive toolkit for both static and dynamic simulation. 


See What your Perception System is Missing with Ansys SCADE Vision

Ansys SCADE Vision speeds up the discovery of detection defects in autonomous vehicle (AV) perception software. See what it "sees," plus the time- and cost-saving details, in this infographic.


On Demand Webinar
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Evaluating Weather Impact on Sensor Performance by Combining Ansys Solutions

In this webinar, we discuss a physics-based modeling approach to virtually evaluate the impact of weather on sensors by coupling Ansys Fluent with Ansys Speos.

On Demand Webinar
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Real-time Optical Simulation for Reliable and Innovative Automotive Lighting Designs

View this webinar to learn how Speos predicts the illumination and optical performance of systems, for both interior and exterior lighting, to help engineers reduce development time and costs while improving their product’s accuracy.

On Demand Webinar
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Automotive Exterior Lighting Industry Best Practices

This webinar will cover automotive exterior lighting industry best practices, where an overview of the key benefits of Ansys Speos and Ansys AVxcelerate simulations and the capabilities required to realize these benefits will be shared.

On Demand Webinar
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Unbelievable Advances in Automotive Radar Simulation

Learn about new advances in Ansys HFSS SBR+ technology that allow engineers to conduct high-fidelity, physics-based simulations of full-scale, realistic traffic scenarios.

On Demand Webinar
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See Optical Simulation in a New Light with Ansys Speos

With Ansys Speos, optical simulation is accessible to everyone. View this on-demand webinar to learn how you can perform optical system optimization and validation within a multiphysics environment.



Driving a Radar Revolution: Simulating Challenging Environment Scenarios to Achieve Zero Road Fatalities

Learn how Arbe Robotics used HFSS SBR+ to simulate a radar system for its 4D imaging chipset, enabling them to develop best-in-class autonomous radar without leaving the lab.


Winning the Race to Electric Mobility

Discover how the biggest brands in the world are using simulation to make electrification a reality.


White Paper

Bringing Intelligent Headlamps to Light via Simulation

Ansys offers a complete modeling and simulation package for intelligent headlamps, including Ansys Speos for optics development, Ansys SCADE for software design and Ansys AVxcelerate for virtual nighttime road testing.




Focus Your Optical Design and Validation Workflows

Cameras are safety critical to the development of autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Engineers need to ensure that these sensors operate in various environments while keeping up with the demands of the automotive market. 


How to Choose the Right Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles

When used together, sensor technologies including camera, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic, give vehicles one complete understanding of the world to navigate safely.

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