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Engaging Students with Wind Turbine Design Optimization 

We will introduce all the physics and system design that simulation can support when designing wind turbines. Learn how to engage students in engineering and design challenges and enhance their understanding of industrial aerodynamics, specifically wind engineering.

October 3, 2024
11:00 AM EDT


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Wind energy is one of the best sectors in engineering when looking to inspire students in the classroom and give purpose to their future jobs in a sustainable development context. It utilizes a broad spectrum of fundamentals learned in the engineering curriculum, from materials to geometry to fluids to structures and their interactions.

In this webinar, we will delve into the practical aspects of wind turbine design optimization. We’ll introduce the physics and system design that simulation can support, providing a real-world context to the theoretical concepts. We will focus on a case study demonstrating how educators can connect the underlying fluids concepts to improve turbine blade design. This concept will be illustrated by an existing design developed by one of our start-up partners working on the small individual turbine market.

Teaching sustainable development concepts within engineering courses themed webinar series

Our webinar series offers a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable development concepts within the context of engineering. As the demand for engineers who can design products or solve complex problems, considering such frameworks, grows, it’s crucial to equip students with these skills. This series addresses sustainable development concepts relevant to engineering practices and illustrates their industrial application with Ansys simulation tools. The sessions will provide a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical fundamentals and their practical applications.

Each webinar is independent in terms of content, but we invite you to register for all our sustainability-themed teaching webinars – the series includes:

What attendees will learn

  • How to engage students on the importance of renewable energy, particularly wind turbines, to fulfill the Paris Agreement and SDG #3 targets
  • How to engage students on the engineering and design challenges and enhance their understanding of industrial aerodynamics, wind engineering
  • What teaching resources we provide to connect fluid mechanics fundamentals to turbine blade improvement
  • See the actual application from Siwing, a German company part of the Ansys start-up program

Who should attend

Educators teaching mechanical, fluids, or energy systems engineering degrees. Engineers and students interested in these topics will find value.


Harriet Parnell