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Academic Webinar Series

Ansys simulation and materials products are taught and
used within thousands of curriculums around the world.

Learn how these products can enhance your curriculum
and provide your students with an improved learning experience.

Simulation is being used by more engineers than ever, helping users solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Additionally, materials products are helping engineers make informed decisions to drive better end results. More than ever students graduating with this skillset are employable and able to make a difference on day one of their careers.
Our Academic Webinar Series is designed to highlight ways simulation strengthens engineering curricula, how professors can incorporate relevant content and tool usage to help students succeed and to evolve education to meet the everchanging needs of industry.
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Upcoming Webinars

April 19, 2023 11 AM EDT
Lecture Unit: Introduction to Heat Transfer with Ansys Discovery
How to Implement Simulations and Certifications for Any Course

It's common for simulations confined to stand-alone elective courses don't utilize their potential for student engagement or develop problem-solving skills. This webinar will showcase a systematic approach to simulation-supported learning in lecture courses and how to embed this learning in any science or engineering undergraduate curriculum. We'll use examples and experiences from the thermo-fluids courses ran at Hartford University to illustrate the learning and evaluation method, supporting materials, and the most critical outcomes. Additionally, we will discuss the opportunity to add more value to students by offering certification in simulation technology as a part of coursework.

May 16, 2023 11 AM EDT
Integrating Industry Applications into Curricula Using Simulation

Hear from Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran from Cornell University about easy ways to incorporate Ansys simulation into your mechanical and aerospace undergraduate engineering curricula. See how it enhances the learning experience, helps retain students, and best prepares them for the challenges they will face when they enter their careers.

June 07, 2023 11 AM EDT
Acoustic and Audio Signal Processing
Teaching Acoustic and Audio Signal Processing

Teaching acoustics and audio signal processing is challenging, as students need to grasp basic principles while learning to implement them in a real industrial context. In this webinar, we'll showcase the Ansys Sound post-processing tool that enables noise prediction and analysis.

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