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Trends in Technology

Breakthroughs like autonomous vehicles, 5G, cloud computing, the industrial Internet of Things and electrification are poised to change our world. Simulation is the superpower that makes them all possible.

Accuracy is paramount at Ansys, enabling our customers to engineer the next generation of products and solve the most vexing challenges imaginable. You’ll be able to bring new products to market with unmatched speed — and with lower costs — than using traditional methods.

Forefront of Change: Simulating Tomorrow’s Revolutions

Autonomous and electric vehicles, super-fast 5G connectivity, high-performance cloud computing, the Internet of Things: each of these promises world-altering potential but poses serious engineering and design challenges. The only way to answer modern engineering questions quickly and efficiently is with simulation.

Ansys provides a holistic simulation solution that covers everything from product and system design to testing, validation and implementation. Our easily integrated tools offer the benefits of simulation with minimal changes to your existing workflows, so you can effortlessly get new products to market faster.


Technology Trends

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections


Engineers use Ansys simulation solutions to develop 5G technologies from devices to networks to data centers. Learn how simulation can help you solve difficult design problems and build your next generation of devices.



Automation is driving progress across sectors, from factory robots to autonomous vehicles to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that drive automation itself. See why simulation is critical for autonomous technology to reach its full potential.



Vehicle electrification is a complicated — but crucial — problem to solve. Electric cars and electric aircraft will be vital to a sustainable transportation industry. Only multiphysics simulation enables the rapid and reliable innovation that next-generation electrification advancements require.


Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things changed the way we live with smart devices. Now it’s changing the way we manufacture and produce nearly everything. Simulate what connects machines and processes to build digital twins based on real-world data.


Cloud Computing

The trends driving digital transformation require high-performance computing beyond the on-premise capabilities of most businesses. Cloud-based solutions make it possible for anyone to benefit from uncommon computing power. Learn more about Ansys Cloud.

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