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Digital Mission Engineering

Digital Mission Engineering Solutions from AGI, an Ansys Company

Digital mission engineering, pioneered by AGI, combines digital modeling, simulation, testing, and analysis to evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of a system’s life cycle. Evaluate the full effect of each change you make and find problems before they become crises. Explore hypotheses about uncertain capabilities so that you can literally plan for the unknown. With digital mission engineering software, you can measure the performance of a system in its operational context from the very first sketch to the final prototype.

When you combine our market-leading, physics-based simulation engines with AGI’s digital mission engineering software, you can extend your analysis to every phase of the project life cycle — concept, development, deployment, operations, and sustainment.

Digital Mission Engineering

Ansys 2022 R1 adds an array of new features and performance improvements for analyzing and visualizing complex systems in the context of your mission in STK, including:

  • Expanded rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) capabilities
    STK raises the bar for modeling RPO, adding new curvilinear calculation objects that you can use to compute quantities that are more naturally consistent with a given orbit than previously possible in STK. 
  • FMI/FMU compatibility plugin
    STK introduces a plugin enabling you to integrate with Ansys physics solvers through FMUs, so you can create a mission simulation that accounts for dynamical characteristics of mechanical, electronic, and fluids subsystems.  
  • Ansys Discovery CAD to STK
    STK includes a plugin to Ansys Discovery and Ansys SpaceClaim that provides a seamless method for converting detailed CAD models into the glTF format preferred for STK. You can even imbue these converted models with additional features such as sensor attachment points, steerable elements, and articulations. 
  • Modeling large constellations
    You can now use a satellite collection to represent an entire constellation of satellites as a single object in STK to provide basic visualization, a minimal memory footprint, and efficient save and load operations. 



Mission 지속 가능성: 연결된 디지털 스레드가 중요한 이유

이 웨비나에서는 모델 기반 시스템 엔지니어링, 시뮬레이션 프로세스 및 데이터 관리, 디지털 미션 엔지니어링 및 디지털 프로토타입 유효성 검증을 통합하는 완전한 디지털 스레드에 대한 높은 수준의 개요를 제공합니다.


STK 12.4: STK 에서의 감소된 주문 모델링에 대한 FMI/FMU 지원

이 웨비나에 참여하여 STK 12.4에 있는 새로운 FMI/FMU 플러그인에 대해 알아보시기 바랍니다.

STK12.4_Large Constellations

STK 12.4: STK의 새로운 Astrogator 기능

STK 12.4는 새로운 Fast Lambert 프로필로 Astrogator 기능을 업그레이드하여 전송 궤적에 대한 첫 번째 추측을 제공하고 궤적의 STM(상태 전환 매트릭스)에 대한 향상된 액세스를 제공합니다.

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Air Systems

Deliver systems faster and accelerate operational decision-making.



Model complex, multidomain systems that incorporate your communications systems. Ensure that all your missions will have the communications they need to succeed. Evaluate configurations for your communications systems to optimize them. Arrange your assets where they give you the most while costing you the least.


Electro-Optical and Infrared Sensors

Go beyond geometry and model radiometric detection to evaluate EOIR sensor performance. Analyze performance and detection over time.


Geospatial Analysis

As the expanding demand for geospatial intelligence is met with rapidly expanding data sets, don’t get overwhelmed by it. Put all your geospatial data to fast, effective use.


Missle Systems and Hypersonics

To understand a missile’s capabilities or plan an effective missile defense, you need to look at the whole picture. From a single engagement to an entire campaign, modeling the full operational environment is critical to effective system engineering, test, and operations.


Radar Systems

Model radar systems with exquisite fidelity and apply them to the big picture – your system of systems and the things you need them to detect.


Space Operations

Plan, design, build, and operate multifaceted space missions.


All-Domain Missions

Land, sea, air, space, cyber – dominance in one domain is no longer possible without systems that span them all. Simulate multidoman, multi-aspect systems to streamline development, dismantle silos, and accelerate delivery.


Space Situational Awareness

Automate routine, repetitive tasks that maintain your catalog of orbiting space objects in a state of readiness. Deveote your time and expertise to solving problems using the data, rahter than solving problems about the data.


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