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Battery EMI/EMC

Ansys offers a state-of-the-art battery system EMI/EMC simulation solution that seamlessly combines frequency and time domain simulation.


Battery Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Simulation Testing and Design

High-frequency EMI noises can cause crosstalk between a high-voltage power circuit in a battery array and a low-voltage control circuit in a battery management system. Electromagnetic simulation can be used to predict electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions and susceptibility early in the battery design process or be used to conduct root cause analysis for existing EMI challenges in a battery system. These predictions and analysis can help optimize the EMI filter design and reduce hardware testing costs for compatibility tests.

  • Early detection and mitigation of EMI noises before battery production
    Early Detection and Mitigation of EMI Noises Before Battery Production
  • EMI noise prediction and system level virtual compatibility testing
    EMI Noise Prediction and System Level Virtual Compatibility Testing
  • EMI Filter design and optimization for battery systems
    EMI Filter Design and Optimization for Battery Systems
Battery Electromagnetic Interference Simulation Testing and Design

Battery Modeling Capabilities

Ansys Electronics Desktop BMS

Battery Cell Modeling

EIS data-based battery cell/module modeling can convert frequency domain testing data into a time domain battery impedance model.

System Level Modeling

System level virtual compatibility testing can be used for virtual testing of compatibility standards or be used for root cause analysis of real EMI challenges for existing product.

Parasitic Component Modeling

FEA-based battery parasitic modeling can extract parasitic elements of battery package components using geometric information and material properties.

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Vehicle Applications for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Modeling

Ansys delivers the resources you need to test for EMI within the automotive industry. This modeling and analysis workflow has been recognized as a critical puzzle piece for developing next-generation vehicle applications.

Reliable auto

Reliable EMI/EMC Design for the Automotive Industry

EMI/EMC is a key component in the design of any automotive application. Ansys delivers the best solution for an efficient design of your components, systems and vehicles.

Electric drive train

Comprehensive EMI Analysis of Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

Ansys provides comprehensive modeling capabilities for electric drivetrains. We can help your engineers to virtually design system architectures, evaluate drivetrain performance and assess EMI risks and root causes.

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