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Teaching Antenna Design Using Ansys Electronics Desktop

The enablement of any wireless or smart device includes the design of the antenna element or elements in an array. Antenna design is complicated -the need to miniaturize the overall size of the antenna or make it conformal to some curved surface makes it even harder. To ensure the antenna performs as required, you must consider external elements like antennas or devices and the surrounding environment. Allthis starts with understanding the basic antenna design points and visualizing the radiation pattern.

Using Ansys HFSS, professors can teach students how to design various antenna types and improve students' understanding of antenna principles. This webinar will introduce professors to Ansys Electronics Desktop and provide an approach for teaching antenna design using simulation tools and run-through textbook examples that you can incorporate into the curriculum.

What you will learn 

  • Get an introduction to Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT), an electromagnetic simulation tool with many integrated solvers
  • Learn how to use Ansys Electronics Desktop to help you design antennas from synthesis to physical geometry simulation
  • Find out how professors can use electromagnetic simulation tools to teach antenna design and visualize antenna principles
  • Discover textbook examples that can be picked up and used within the antenna design curriculum


Charlotte Blair


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