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Academic Webinar Series

Learn how simulation and materials products can enhance your curriculum and provide students with an improved learning experience.

Simulation is used to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Additionally, materials products help engineers make informed decisions to drive better end results. Students graduating with this skillset are employable and make a difference on day one of their careers.

Our Academic Webinar Series highlights ways to strengthen your curricula, provide a hands-on learning experience and improve student retention rates.

Upcoming Webinars

August 30, 2023 11 AM EDT
Four Important Signal Integrity Principles Demonstrated with Virtual Prototypes

Learn from Scholar in Residence and industry veteran, Eric Bogatin from CU Boulder, about easy ways to incorporate Ansys simulation into your engineering curricula. Anyone teaching a course that includes printed circuit design, electromagnetics, transmission lines, signal integrity, and electricity and magnetism will leave understanding how the power of visualizing propagating electromagnetic fields for signal integrity applications enhances the learning experience for students.

September 13, 2023 11 AM EDT
Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation with Ansys
Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation with Ansys

Exploring how to take your career or skillset to the next level? Attend our webinar to learn about the Technical University of Madrid’s online Master’s Degree Program. 

September 20, 2023 11 AM EDT
Integrating Ansys into Teaching: CFD for Healthcare

Prof. Yu Feng from Oklahoma State University will share his experience combining Ansys tools and project-based learning (PBL) method to enhance students’ understanding of CFD for healthcare applications. 

October 11, 2023 11 AM EDT
Helping Students - Co2 Footprint
Helping Students Assess AM for Sustainability

We’ll explore how educators can effectively teach additive concepts to engage students in the sustainable future of manufacturing in this upcoming webinar.

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