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Electric Motor Design, Analysis and Verification

Full system integration from the concept design stages to analysis optimization and verification

Electric Motor Design, Analysis and Verification 

Ansys offers a complete workflow that progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analyses of the motor. Coupled electromagnetic-thermal-stress-and vibro-acoustics simulation of the motor using Ansys tools results in a high-fidelity, accurate and robust design that is optimized for performance, cost and efficiency.

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    Template-Based Design
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    Thermal Management with System Cooling Optimization
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    2D & 3D FE Electromagnetic Analysis
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    Noise-Vibration Reduction

Dedicated Design Tool for Electric Motors

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Intuitive, template-based set up

Comprehensive and powerful geometry templates cover a huge range of electric machine technologies, topologies and cooling systems. Ratio-based parameterization options provide unprecedented capabilities for parametric design optimization.

Design across the full operating range

Quickly analyze the performance of designs over the operating envelope, including field weakening behavior.

Built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers

Coupled multi-physics analysis from the start of the design process and built-in control algorithms enable virtual testing considering temperature effects over transient drive cycles or at steady state.

Thermal sizing of the machines

Ability to predict the thermal behavior of electric machines through a built-in 3D thermal network. 

Electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic design of electric motors

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Magnetic Field Solution

The electromagnetic simulation of the motor, provided by Ansys Maxwell, determines the radial, tangential and axial forces associated with the machine’s performance.  


The acoustic representations of radiating vibrational noise are imported into Ansys VRXPERIENCE, enabling users to hear the electric motor at varying rpms.


Simulation results from Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Mechanical provide key inputs to realize the goal of measuring auditory perception and assessing a vehicle’s NVH performance. The structural simulation incorporates these forces in the presence of the motor housing.


Hearing the motor enables engineers to isolate and identify sub-components of the acoustic profile and investigate the influence on human perception.

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Multiphysics Simulation Accelerates the Motor Design Process 

Ansys offers a full system integration based on the ability to extract information from the design stages into analysis, design for validation and into the final verification stage. This enables full system simulation in one workflow.

Electric motor design using system-level structural simulation


With template-based setups, initial electric machine designs are developed quickly. System-level structural simulations enable more investigations and thus more robust innovation. The automated analysis process, with its built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers, offers valuable multiphysics insights into an electric motor design.

Electric motor thermal analysis


In electromagnetic simulation, the resulting advanced 2D and 3D calculations  incorporate  additional  effects that impact the motor’s performance. Thermal analysis predicts the temperature rise within the motor configuration based on given operating conditions. 

Electric motor validation and verification

Ansys system integration allows for virtual validation of component design and verification through embedded systems. 

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Case Studies

Ansys Volabo

Ansys + volabo GmbH

Read this case study to learn how VOLABO used multiphysics simulation software obtained through the Ansys Startup Program to develop the first 48 V high power traction drive, which is 25 percent more efficient than conventional electrical drives and does not need rare earth magnets for production. 

Ansys Lucid Engineers

Electrifying Vehicle

Lucid engineers extensively leveraged Ansys multiphysics simulation software to improve the operation of most of the vehicle's subsystems by accounting for a wide range of performance factors to create a digital prototype. 

Maxwell DSO Traction

16X Speedup in Maxwell DSO on 32-Core High-Performance Compute Farm Doubles Traction Motor Design Productivity at General Motors

Optimizing the design of traction motors used to drive electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is challenging because automakers have little experience in this area. 

“Ultra” Power Storage

Electric Motors Advanced by “Ultra” Power Storage

Electromechanical simulation tools aid in the design flow of hybrid–electric systems


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