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Piracy Policy

You can help us stop software piracy and protect legitimate customers. Our core values are integrity, respect and trust. We live by these values and project this across our industry. Software piracy runs contrary to these values and is very damaging.

Software piracy is a crime involving the unauthorized copying, distribution or use of computer software. Ansys invests a large proportion of its revenue into research and development to enhance the value of our products for our customers.

Software piracy hinders our ability to invest in new technology, stalls product improvement and negatively impacts job creation. In addition to damaging Ansys, software piracy also harms our channel partners and customers.

Pirated software is also a direct and serious threat to your business. There is a high risk that freely available cracked software might increase cybersecurity risk in your network, resulting in data and revenue loss and reputational damage.

Please report any piracy-related activities to or this form.