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Become an Ansys Partner

Ansys Partners are industry leaders who provide extensive resources, training and support to help our customers realize the competitive advantages of simulation. In return, our partners receive tools to expand their customer base and thorough training on Ansys products. Ansys is committed providing a world class enablement program and supporting the daily needs of our partners .

Ansys Technology Partnership

Ansys Technology Partners develop, deliver and enhance world-class simulation solutions and services to complement Ansys’ offerings.

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Ansys Technology Partners cooperate with Ansys to host, extend, integrate, and interoperate their technology with Ansys' product capabilities. Access to the partner ecosystem encourages innovation as part of an expanding network of interconnected solutions and ensures optimized product performance and development for customers.

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Ansys Channel Partnership

Ansys Channel Partners can be found around the world, ensuring Ansys software solutions reach every customer.

Ansys Channel Partners add substantial value to the relationship with our Ansys customers. They provide comprehensive simulation expertise, training and services to support Ansys simulation technology. To ensure the highest level of success, channel partners undergo comprehensive training on the Ansys technology and the sales process. They also receive extensive support with demand generation, market analysis, and field sales support.

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Ansys Services Partnership

The mission of Ansys Service Partners is to help Ansys customers maximize the value of their investment at every level of deployment.

The Ansys Services Partner Network’s mission is to help Ansys customers achieve success. Services Partners deliver a full portfolio of professional consulting and training services to ensure that every customer gets the most out of their Ansys solutions and maximizes our products’ business value. These partners are engaged in customer training, technology implementation, project support and mentoring, and simulation workflow design.

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Ansys Academic Partnership

The Ansys Academic Partnership Program enables key engagements with strategic academic stakeholders to lower the barrier of adoption of Ansys simulation by empowering academic users with first class software.

Ansys is already committed to academia by providing deeply discounted teaching and research products alongside our free student downloads through our Student & Educator offerings. But our Ansys Academic Partner engagements take this commitment to the next level with strategic relationships with key professors, researchers, student teams and academic institutions across the globe to drive widescale adoption of Ansys or use it strategically where it can make a significant impact to learning or research.

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