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Susan Coleman


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Susan Coleman

Director, Academic and Startup Programs, Ansys

Our Academic and Startup Programs aim to enable the next generation of Ansys customers with the power of simulation. Susan works across business functions at Ansys and with our customers to strengthen these programs with a goal of lowering the barrier to entry of using simulation. Susan partners with the Ansys field sales team to enable and empower them to meet the needs of our customers as well as with our business units to ensure the best product offering for our customers in these areas. Additionally, her team works closely with marketing to help tell the story of the impact simulation plays in the academic and startup ecosystems.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with minors in Marketing and Risk Management from Gannon University
  • Digital Marketing Certificate from Cornell University

Professional Credentials: Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Joined Ansys: July 2016

Articles by This Author

Students Compete in the Ansys Ibero-American Material Selection Challenge

See how students answer an engineering challenge of their choice when the selection of materials is the decisive factor.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Engineers: Ansys Academic Program Adds More Simulation Tools to Free Student Downloads

With Ansys’ latest product release, students have even more simulation tools to explore.

Female High School Students Embark on Engineering Quests at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Learn how the EnQuest summer program helps female high school students tackle real-world engineering projects through hands-on learning.

Preparing for Takeoff: Students Use Digital Mission Engineering to Launch Careers in STEM

Learn how StellarXplorers integrates the Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) digital mission engineering platform to train students in space applications for an annual STEM competition.

High School Student Achieves Perfect Score on AP Capstone Project with Simulation

Chris Zhou is among just 306 students across the world to attain a perfect score on his AP Capstone Project, making him part of just 1% to achieve such a milestone.

High Schooler Simulates Backpack Body Stress

Anish Sarkar considers backpack body stress “a silent epidemic,” so he used simulation to analyze more comfortable ways students can lug around their books.

Ansys Takes to the Skies to Help Power Zero-Carbon Jets of the Future

Ansys is supporting research led by the University of Central Florida and funded by a $10 million NASA University Leadership Initiative five-year grant to accelerate aviation sustainability.

Hitting the Trail: How Electric Vehicle Software is Democratizing Off-Road Adventure

Potential Motors is excited to join the second wave of electrification in powersports as an innovator in off-road EV technology, with support from the Ansys Startup Program.

Space Forge Embarks on In-Orbit Manufacturing

Learn how robots in space can assemble ordinary materials in extraordinary ways, and return the products to Earth.

How Academia Evolves to Meet Industry Demand for Simulation

Learn how academia is shaping the future by integrating simulation as a fundamental component of every aspiring engineer’s student experience.

NanoSUN Delivers Hydrogen Fuel Safely at Scale with Ansys

See how NanoSUN is applying simulation software to help commercialize green hydrogen refueling solutions.

X1 Wind Floats Unique Energy Harvesting Technology Thanks to Ansys Startup Program

See how X1 Wind is using simulation software to develop a disruptive floating wind technology that could radically transform energy production.

Simulation for All: Two Million Ansys Free Student Downloads and Counting

Simulation skills among engineering grads are in high demand as companies increasingly turn to simulation to solve some of their biggest product development challenges. They’re eager to find and hire graduates with practical, hands-on experience who can quickly make a difference in simulation-based engineering environments.

How Ansys and Cornell University Collaborate on Simulation in Education

Students, early-career engineers, and self-learners can enroll in the Fluid Dynamics Simulations using Ansys Certificate program, available through Cornell's eLearning platform, plus access more than 50 of Cornell's existing SimCafe tutorials on the Ansys Innovation Course platform.

Ansys Electronics Desktop Student Is Added to Free Software Downloads

See how Ansys Electronic Desktop Student expands students’ and self-learners’ online access to industry-leading simulation solutions.

Using Ansys for Doctorial Research in Cardiovascular Engineering

Learn how a 0D-3D coupling sets a foundation to investigate other entities of the heart and conduct case studies on pathologies.

Ansys Innovation Courses Help Students “Visualize” Thermodynamics

Ansys Innovation Courses allow professor to concentrate her lectures on teaching the fundamentals of thermodynamics, while students learn about simulation on their own through online courses.

Cool, Compact and Comfortable: Podbike FRIKAR Redefines the Velomobile

See how Podbike used computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation to develop FRIKAR, a fully encapsulated, energy-efficient, all-weather, four-wheel e-bike.

Motorizing the Bike You Love with Bimotal and Ansys Simulations

See how Bimotal uses Ansys Motor-CAD to design its Elevate portable electric motor assembly that attaches to the disc brakes of a bike to turn it into an e-bike.

Driving on Sunshine with Lightyear One

Lightyear engineers are using Ansys Mechanical, Fluent and HFSS to design the structure, aerodynamics and electromagnetic and thermal properties of the five-seat Lightyear One so you can drive up to 725 km (450 miles) on one charge.

Axiom Space Is Using Ansys Simulations to Build the First Commercial Space Station

Axiom engineers are using simulation to solve tough structural and fluid flow challenges while designing a commercial space station.

SPARK Microsystems Advances Low Power, Low Latency Wireless for IoT

Learn how simulation drives the cost-effective design of highly sophisticated ultra-wideband antenna systems and passive radio system components.

A Better Way to Generate and Deliver X-rays

The Lumitron X-ray design improvements that combine accelerators with lasers could pave the way for combining medical diagnosis and therapy.

Sustainability Takes Flight: Aerodynamic Lift and Energy Efficiency

Free online Ansys Innovation Course help engineering students understand the fundamentals of flight to engineer a more sustainable future for aviation.

Free Download of Ansys LS-DYNA Student Now Available

Student version of popular explicit simulation software includes LS-DYNA solver and LS-PrePost. Download yours today!

Simulating the Hyperloop, the Ground Transportation System of the Future

Zeleros approaches the Hyperloop challenge by using Ansys simulation to design its "plane without wings.

Key to 5G: Plain Talk on Electromagnetic Plane Waves

5G networks use electromagnetic fields to transmit information. Begin your electromagnetic education by learning the fundamentals of electromagnetic plane waves.

Nikola Labs Thrives with the Help of the Ansys Startup Program

Nikola Labs' remote machine condition monitoring uses an ultra-low power receiver, temperature sensor and accelerometer.

Autonomous Radar Systems: Arbe Innovates with the Ansys Startup Program

Arbe is designing new automotive radar solutions for autonomous vehicles with Ansys simulation software.

Ansys Startup Program Helps Companies Achieve Liftoff

The Ansys Startup Program has helped 1,000 companies, doubling its rate of growth in just the last two years.

Virtual Learning Democratizes Simulation for Engineers

Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran has developed a methodology for using simulation in different courses, and a few of his SimCafe online courses are among those featured in the new Ansys Innovation Courses.

Ansys Innovation Courses Spread Simulation Education Far and Wide

The free online Ansys Innovation Courses merge physics theory with simulations and real-world case studies.

Enroll in an Online Numerical Simulation Master’s Degree that Teaches Ansys Software

Technical University of Madrid (UPM) offers an online master’s degree on numerical simulation that teaches Ansys’ flagship simulation software.

Free Ansys Academic Resources for Distance Learning

Ansys develops free, online resources to help students learn and gain access to simulation technology.

Are There Enough Simulation Engineers?

The Ansys Academic Program is growing, making it easier for companies to find simulation-ready candidates out of university.

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