ANSYS Fluent 16 Updates on Eulerian Multiphase Models

ANSYS Fluent 16.0 offers a rich collection of multiphase models to solve industrial-scale problems in many industries, including automotive, aviation, chemical processing, and oil and gas. Numerous enhancements help users to obtain multiphase flow solutions on poor meshes, model new physical and chemical processes, and accelerate transient multiphase flow calculations.

View this webinar to learn about updates on Eulerian multiphase models and discrete element method (DEM) features, including:
- Non-Iterative Time Advancement (NITA) solver for Eulerian multiphase models to speed up transient calculations
- Multiphase flow in porous media under unsaturated conditions to address applications related to oil and gas exploration, carbon capture and storage and many more
- Particle rotation and rolling friction in discrete element method (DEM)
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