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Material Intelligence for Sustainable Automotive Design Webinar Series

A New Chapter in Sustainable Automotive Design with Material Intelligence

New industry and consumer demands are rapidly changing the narrative on sustainable automotive design. The automotive industry is exploring sustainable alternatives and developing more efficient technologies to reduce resource consumption and waste. This shift towards sustainability requires a software solution that enables engineers to seamlessly evaluate material properties, including mechanical, thermal, electrical, and environmental characteristics, making it available across an enterprise. We call it Material Intelligence.

In this webinar series, our presenters discuss how the challenges around sustainability, supply chain uncertainty, pivoting to new powertrains all have an impact on how engineers need to accurately evaluate and compare different materials and optimize decision-making during the earliest stages of design. This 3-part webinar series has experts from across Ansys covering:

  • The power of an authoritative source of materials for any engineer
  • How to trade-off material performance, cost and sustainability
  • Better materials selection for modern automotive systems
  • How to create a material digital thread, linking into your supply-base
  • Progression towards virtual material testing

Webinars On Demand

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Part 1: Material Intelligence for Sustainable Automotive Design and Engineering

In this webinar, learn how to make early, informed and sustainable vehicle design decisions with a comprehensive Material Intelligence solution that integrates into your existing CAD, CAE and PLM engineering tools all the way into your supply base. 

How to Win the Race to Electrification: The Four Pillars of Electrification
Part 2: Using Material Intelligence To Optimize Automotive Systems

In this webinar, we will focus on dissecting the conventional BEV (battery electric vehicle) powertrain into its components. By doing so, we will explore how the right material properties coupled with selection and management tools can impact the performance of these components at an individual and holistic level. 

Part 3: Adding Material Intelligence into the Automotive Digital Thread

In this webinar, learn about the advantages of linking your business’ authoritative source of materials across various engineering tools, including Simulation, CAD and PLM. We’ll demonstrate the advantages of integrating materials test data into your digital thread. 

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