Analysis of a Casted Control Surface Using Bi-Linear Kinematic Hardening

Control Surfaces or Fins are very essential parts of any aircraft structures for its dynamic stability and controls. In this case an investigation is carried out for stress analysis on an aluminum fin, manufactured through sand casting. Pressure due to aerodynamic loads is applied at one face of the fin. It is known from the experimental tests that permanent deformation occurs in the fin, after unloading. A Bi-Linear Kinematic material model is taken, to account the material non-linearity in the analysis. Time varying load is applied over certain period of time. To check the results accuracy two different integration methods, i.e. full and reduced, are taken into account with tetra elements. After the solution, residual stresses and strains are plotted, growth and evolution of plastic strains is determined. Experimental tests are conducted on more than five samples, with same loading conditions. Results are compared with experimental test. These two analyses, experimental and FEM, finally leads to the acceptance criteria for quality check of sand casting.
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