Composite Materials Simulation and Failure Analysis

The light, strong and versatile properties of composite materials make them attractive for many types of manufacturing. Composite materials like carbon fiber (CFRP), typically used in the aerospace and automotive sectors, are being used increasingly in energy, sports, construction and marine applications. Their composite nature, however, makes accurate simulation a challenge.

ANSYS offers a complete suite of tools to help you overcome this challenge. Front and center is ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP), a dedicated tool for composite layup modeling and failure analysis. You can generate layered composite models for implicit and explicit structural and thermal, as well as fluids, simulations. ACP provides efficient layup and best-in-class solid element modeling capabilities and a platform that offers many ways to exchange model information. It supports the vendor-independent HDF5 composite CAE file format for communication with third-party tools. Beyond the modeling of composite structures, ANSYS Composite Cure Simulation (ACCS) simulates the curing manufacturing process. It helps you to simulate the curing process of a part and predicts residual stresses and process- induced distortions.