Engineering Simulation Platform

Today’s businesses operate in a highly competitive environment where every company strives to innovate faster while reducing their product development and maintenance costs. Every function within an organization faces tremendous pressure to deliver more with less. Engineering operations are no exception. That’s why the world’s leading companies have adopted the ANSYS simulation platform — to transform the way they innovate and engineer their next-generation products and maintenance services.

The ANSYS simulation platform delivers the broadest suite of best-in-class simulation technology and unifies it with your custom applications, CAD software and enterprise business process tools such as PLM. Its open and flexible framework connects engineering teams, tools and data. A common platform facilitates the efficient and reliable sharing of engineering information across an organization, its supply chain and field operations, making your engineering operations more agile.

The platform is built on three pillars that enable you to apply simulation effectively from concept to detailed design, resulting in productivity gains, faster design decisions and accelerated innovation.

Comprehensive simulation

With the ANSYS simulation platform, you can produce high-fidelity virtual prototypes to simulate the behavior of complete products in their actual working environments. It delivers the most advanced technologies for 3D physics simulation, embedded software design and system simulation.

Scalable solutions

The platform adapts to any IT infrastructure from desktop to cloud, enabling you to collaborate and share simulation data and processes across multiple sites.

Extensible ecosystem

With the ANSYS simulation platform’s open framework, you can create custom workflows or download ready-to-use apps from the ANSYS App store. The platform gives you access to our thriving partner network of industry-leading companies, which ensures easy integration and management of additional capabilities for your challenging and evolving needs.


Learn how the ANSYS simulation platform can benefit you

ANSYS Platform Executive

The ANSYS simulation platform provides your engineering organization with a common platform environment for fast and cost-conscious product development. Trusted simulation technology built on the platform helps your engineers verify how your new products will work before committing resources to making a physical prototype, saving your company time and money. Standardizing product engineering processes on the platform promotes collaboration between interdisciplinary engineering teams and with your partners and suppliers, moving your organization more effectively toward its goals.

ANSYS platform Engineering Manager

The ANSYS simulation platform tightly integrates ANSYS simulation technology and provides interoperability with third party CAE and enterprise tools such as PLM, CAD, requirements management systems, etc. Its process management capabilities allow you to plan and monitor the entire engineering process, increasing your team’s productivity and your effectiveness in managing globally distributed teams to meet business objectives.

ANSYS Platform IT Manager

IT Manager provides the latest IT infrastructure and software tools to its engineering teams. However, engineers do not always use these resources optimally, resulting in underutilization of some and excess demand for others. The ANSYS simulation platform delivers solutions that maximize utilization of both hardware and software resources, resulting in higher return on your IT investments.

ANSYS Platform Simulation User

The ANSYS simulation platform gives you the industry’s broadest suite of proven simulation technology that can be customized for your needs. It’s user interface guides you through every step and allows even complex multiphysics analyses to be performed with drag-and-drop simplicity. With bidirectional CAD connectivity, an automated project update mechanism, pervasive parameter management and integrated optimization tools, the platform delivers unprecedented productivity that enables you to spend more time on engineering and less on running software.

ANSYS Simulation Platform Products

  • Cloud

    ANSYS-optimized cloud-based HPC, easily accessed directly from your desktop. Flexible licensing options and a rich user experience deliver the power of the cloud, on demand.

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  • DesignXplorer

    Integrated application for design of experiments analyses.

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  • optiSLang

    Vendor neutral process integration and multidisciplinary optimization solutions for evaluation of optimal product design alternatives for cost and performance.

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  • High Performance Computing

    More compute cores for faster, higher fidelity simulations.

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  • ACT

    Customization toolkit to automate workflows, customize applications and create portable apps.

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  • Meshing

    High-performance, intelligent and automated meshing.

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  • Minerva

    Centralized simulation knowledge management application.

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