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An end-to-end digital thread for the entire product development process is key to successful digital transformation.

Engineers using  Ansys Connect to eliminate engineering inefficiencies.

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Save time by eliminating engineering inefficiencies that affect the business bottom line. Accelerate innovation by leveraging technology to produce optimized designs and processes that sets you apart from the competition. Bring teams from various disciplines together and connect them with right data and technology throughout the entire product development process.

January 2023

What's New

Ansys 2023 R1 builds on the capabilities of materials, SPDM, optimization, and MBSE to amplify simulation benefits by improving engineering efficiency, supporting collaboration, and accelerating innovation. The Ansys Connect collection boasts UX improvements, new integrations, and ease-of-use features to connect the latest processes, tools, and data readily for different engineering teams.

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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Granta MI What’s New

Find out what’s new for Granta MI in the latest Ansys 2023 R1 release. From updates to the Granta MI UX and material calibration apps to new CAD Connectors and Additive Manufacturing data importers. It’s all about creating the authoritative source of truth for your materials. 


Ansys 2023 R1: Proactive Sustainability with Material Selection + 3D Design What’s New

Being proactive in designing products more sustainably is becoming the default for many engineers. Ansys is putting tools and methodologies in place at the earliest concept stages to enhance this ‘proactive sustainability’ design approach.


Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Minerva and Simulation Process Data Management (SPDM) Update

Learn about the latest innovations of Ansys Minerva and the value of SPDM. See how you can increase your team’s productivity in the simulation process and data management, particularly with new capabilities around business process management, Icepak Integrations, and much more.


Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys optiSLang What’s New

In the 2023 R1 release, optiSLang comes packed with new capabilities that increase engineering productivity and accelerate innovation. Engineers can boost efficiency with time for designs now 98% faster*(vs. 2022 R1) and ‘one-click’ optimization with the latest algorithms in optiSLang. Users will also learn how to access optiSLang in Ansys Fluent with 2023 R1 updates.

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Battery Simulation

Battery Simulation

Ansys battery modeling and simulation solutions use multiphysics to help you maximize battery performance and safety while reducing cost and testing time.



Ansys simulation helps model the behavior of fluid flow as aircraft travel above hypersonic speed, including strong shocks, plasma, and structural deformation.

electric motor cooling

Electric Motor Design

Ansys electric motor design software progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analysis of electric motors.


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