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Create a Simulation Digital Thread

Amplify the benefit of simulation throughout product development. To bring complex products to market faster.

Connect Simulation Today to Transform Tomorrow

Ansys Connect is a toolset for creating the simulation digital thread. This links simulation to the processes, tools, and data used across product development. Amplifying the benefit of your physics solver by running more simulations for more users, helping bring more complex products to market faster. 

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    Materials Selection & Management
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    Model-Based Systems Engineering
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    Simulation Process & Data Management
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    Process Integration & Design Optimization

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July 2023

What's New

Speed up R&D with Ansys 2023 R2 by better connecting processes, data, and technology into a simulation digital thread. 

New features build on SPDM, optimization, MBSE, and material intelligence capabilities to better integrate simulation into the broader Digital Engineering infrastructure.




Ansys 2023 R2 : Nouveautés Ansys optiSLang

La nouvelle version d'optiSLang 2023 R2 est dotée de nouvelles fonctionnalités d'interface utilisateur destinées à intégrer des chaînes de simulation multiphysiques aux cas d'utilisation habituels, et à offrir plus de flexibilité en matière de scripts avancés et de personnalisation. 


Ansys 2023 R2 : Se préparer aux nouvelles réglementations PFAS prévues pour 2024

Si vous êtes un utilisateur de Granta MI ou si vous souhaitez maîtriser la source et la fiabilité de vos matériaux par son utilisation, découvrez-en plus dans notre webinaire sur la version 2023 R2.


Ansys 2023 R2 : Nouveautés Granta MI

Si vous êtes un utilisateur de Granta MI ou que vous souhaitez maîtriser la source et la fiabilité de vos matériaux, découvrez-en plus dans notre webinaire sur la version 2023 R2.

Toolset for Simulation Digital Thread

Ansys Connect is the only open ecosystem-based solution using best-in-class software for each capability: materials, optimization, MBSE and SPDM. Ansys Connect enables pervasive simulation across more of the product development process. 

  • Connect your systems architecture model to any engineering simulation and analysis
  • Explore performance, cost reliability and risk trade-studies
  • Manage complexity, reduce risk, and get to market quickly
  • Intelligent materials selection
  • Access 250,000+ advanced materials data
  • Create your authoritative source of materials data
  • Access 250,000+ advanced materials data
  • Configurable, role-based dashboards
  • Project manage CAE activities with tasks, work request and projects.
  • Create your authoritative source of simulation data
  • Visualize and track data with state-of-the-art configuration management.
  • GUI-supported interface with major CAE tools
  • Access and trace the complete Multiphysics workflow
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to scan the parameter space with Design of Experiment
  • Optimize with leading edge AI-based optimization algorithms
  • Open-ecosystem CAD, CAE and PLM integration
  • Vendor-neutral framework



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Battery Simulation

Battery Simulation

Ansys battery modeling and simulation solutions use multiphysics to help you maximize battery performance and safety while reducing cost and testing time.

electric motor cooling

Electric Motor Design

Ansys electric motor design software progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analysis of electric motors.


Featured Webinars

On Demand Webinar
Ansys Webinar
Lamborghini Shares Best Practices in Materials Data Management

Discover the key milestones they have already reached and understand their vision for integrating with other engineering systems on future development projects. 

On Demand Webinar
Ansys webinar
Ansys optiSLang: Process Integration, Variation Analysis and Robust Design Optimization

This webinar will demonstrate how design space exploration and optimization can slash development time and speed the evaluation of optimal product design alternatives for cost and performance.

On Demand Webinar
Medical Device Robotic Surgery
Using Digital Transformation to Streamline Medical Device Development

Discover how our technologies can enable digital transformation for the healthcare industry to support streamlining medical device development.


Ansys Case Study Icon Block

Driving Multi-million-dollar Savings through Enterprise-wide Materials Information Management at Rolls-Royce

Having fast, reliable access to all relevant materials information is important for Rolls-Royce engineers who need accurate and statistically valid property data as they seek to push materials to their limits in a highly regulated, safety-conscious environment.

Ansys Case Study Icon Block

Ansys + HEAD Tennis Rackets

Robust evaluation and optimization of HEAD tennis rackets with multiple input and objective parameters using Ansys optiSLang®.

Ansys Case Study Icon Block

Ansys + Ariane Group

Ariane Group GmbH developed a simulation procedure to reduce the effort on full scale hardware testing. optiSLang was used for parameter identification and optimization of Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) panels representing in design and size one part of the combustion chamber of the Ariane 6 European launch vehicle.

Ansys Case Study Icon Block

Ansys + Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Validates ADAS Using Reliability Analysis Methods in Ansys optiSLang.


Ansys White Paper
White Paper

The Business Case for Material Intelligence

If your organization makes or designs products, it uses materials. Information about these materials is vital, often with multi-million dollar impact. This white paper explores why this is, with materials information management increasingly established as a core engineering technology. Includes extensive case study and return on investment information.



Ansys White Paper

Optimizing Design Optimization Efforts

There are many different components of that design that one might subject to other simulations. Still, each component comprises materials — and reflects design decisions — that could be modified if the outcomes of these stress simulations are outside of acceptable specifications.

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