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Digital Mission Engineering

Digital Mission Engineering Solutions from AGI, an Ansys Company

Whether your mission is national defense, space exploration, or smart city infrastructure, the engineering processes you use, the systems you design and operate, and the missions themselves are becoming more complex, interconnected, and interdependent. And all this against a backdrop of shrinking timelines and intensifying pressure from competitors. There’s no time to waste, so you need to be certain that each design decision you make is the right one for the mission.

Digital mission engineering, pioneered by AGI, combines digital modeling, simulation, testing, and analysis for aerospace, defense, telecommunication, and intelligence applications to evaluate mission outcomes at every phase of a system’s life cycle. Evaluate the full effect of every change you make and find problems before they become crises. Explore hypotheses about uncertain capabilities so that you can literally plan for the unknown. With digital mission engineering software, you can measure the performance of a system in its operational context from the very first sketch to the final prototype.

When you combine our market-leading physics-based simulation engines with AGI’s digital mission engineering software, you can extend your analysis to every phase of the project life cycle — concept, development, deployment and throughout operations and sustainment.

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Air Systems

Accelerate everything. Redirect work from physical systems to their digital representations to deliver systems faster and define operating pictures that comprise all the available, authoritative data to make decisions quicker. 



Explore all the possibilities and account for all your needs. Model complex, multi-domain systems that incorporate your communications systems. Ensure that all your missions will have the communications they need to succeed. Evaluate configurations for your communications systems to optimize them. Arrange your assets where they give you the most while costing you the least.


Electro-Optical and Infrared Sensors

Go beyond geometry and model radiometric detection to evaluate EOIR sensor performance. Analyze performance and detection over time.


Geospatial Analysis

As the expanding demand for geospatial intelligence is met with rapidly expanding data sets, don’t get overwhelmed by it. Put all your geospatial data to fast, effective use.


Missle Systems and Hypersonics

To respond to a hypersonic threat you must engage multiple systems to handle detection and tracking — seamlessly and nearly instantaneously. Bring your hypersonic mission planning and system-of-systems analysis into the complete, multi-domain picture of your mission.


All-Domain Missions

Land, sea, air, space, cyber – dominance in one domain is no longer possible without systems that span them all. Simulate multi-domain, multi-aspect systems to streamline development, dismantle silos, and accelerate delivery.


Radar Systems

To understand a radar system’s capabilities, maximum coverage isn’t enough. You need to know its coverage over time, so that you can determine the probability of detection at any moment. And radars seldom operate in isolation, so to truly know the effectiveness of any particular system, you need to be able to evaluate it within the context of its mission.


Space Operations

Space is a high-risk environment, and an operational failure can be the end of your mission. With so many complications in the mission environment, you need a single platform to analyze and manage all your challenges. Track satellites, design maneuvers, resolve and investigate anomalies — mitigate risks.


Space Situational Awareness

Eliminate routine, repetitive tasks that maintain your catalog of orbiting space objects at a state of readiness. Devote your time and expertise to solving problems using the data, rather than solving problems about the data.

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