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SpaceClaim Subscription Service

Empower your team to reach design greatness. With SpaceClaim’s Subscription Services Program, have access to the latest software updates and service packs, technical support from SpaceClaim directly or from your local authorized value-added reseller (VAR), access to SpaceClaim’s User Forum, an online support community, as well as free online training classes. Streamline your design process with ease using SpaceClaim’s Subscription Service Program.


SpaceClaim Renewals

Most SpaceClaim customers remain on Subscription Services in order to get maintenance updates and support services and the other services listed on this page. You are reminded by SpaceClaim or your SpaceClaim reseller at renewal time to renew your Subscription Services. Should you not renew, you will not get updates to SpaceClaim and you cannot receive support services. Should you wish to come back on Subscription Services, you will need to pay the Subscription Service fee for the period during which you were not on the service, and you will need to pay a 20% penalty to come back on the service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you remain on the SpaceClaim Subscription Service to ensure uninterrupted software updates and support services.

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