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Rail Industry Webinar Series

Learn how the leading rail companies use simulation to drive innovation and enter the market with new technologies.

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The railway industry is undergoing a disruptive transition: markets and regulations have become more demanding and require new technologies and business models. This influences how we work and also changes long-established development processes. Digitalization, virtual testing and simulation are essential ingredients to master those challenges.

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Ansys Rail Webinars designing UV

Designing UV Light Disinfection Systems for Train Cabins

This webinar explores real-world use cases, including how a UV light disinfection system helps sterilize aircraft and train cabins. We will also showcase how Ansys SPEOS helps engineers design ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection systems that maximize disinfection of PPE and other medical equipment.

Additionally, cutting-edge demonstrations will spotlight how SPEOS helps design systems that disinfect surfaces and material and reduces the exposure time required for effective disinfection and decontamination

Webinar on demand
Ansys Rail Webinars

Ansys Pervasive Simulation for Transforming Railway Transportation

This webinar spotlights Ansys pervasive simulation solutions for railway industry applications. We will illustrate how Ansys simulations help drive product design and innovation in rolling stocks and coaches, digitization for safety enhancement, signaling and telecommunication, efficient propulsion and electrical equipment (e.g. traction motors, transformers, power electronics).

Speaker: Vishwajeet Singh, Lead Application Engineer

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Ansys Automotive Webinars

Optimizing Transportation Ventilation System Design

Amid the global pandemic, many industries have been limited due to transmission risks. This is particularly important for the transportation industry, specifically in air and rail, where passengers sit in confined spaces. To mitigate the spread of this airborne disease, a variety of strategies must be evaluated.

This webinar will showcase how engineering analysis can help optimize the design and operation of ventilation systems for the transportation industry.

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Ansys Rail Webinars autonomous trains

How to Design Safety-Critical Embedded Software for Autonomous Trains

This webinar and demonstration showcase how Ansys and SYSGO are teaming up to navigate these challenges, enabling railway engineers to introduce smart, automated solutions that deliver uncompromising safety, no matter how fast the industry is growing.

Chafic Jaber, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys
Presenter: Dr. Oliver Kühlert, Technical Product Marketing Manager, SYSGO

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Railway Industry Webinars

Smarter Materials Selection to Lightweight Train Floors

As sustainability grows in importance globally, the transportation industries need to react and reduce environmental impact without increasing costs. One method of achieving this is reducing weight and thus energy consumption. Advanced Ansys simulation and modeling lead to validated and innovative weight-saving designs, but this is only part of the story. To have an optimal product you need both optimal design and optimal materials.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand Ansys solutions for materials in the railway industry
  • Learn how intelligent materials selection and design can help enable innovation and product improvement
  • Discover how to reduce material and energy costs 

Speaker: Scott Wilkins, Lead Product Marketing Manager, Ansys

Webinar On Demand
Ansys Railway Industry Webinars

How to Troubleshoot, Qualify and Quantify Noise, Vibrations and Sound Quality in the Rail Industry

This webinar is for acoustics and vibration teams working in railway industries, for part suppliers and OEMs.

Based on test measurements and CAE simulations, this webinar will demonstrate how Ansys tools are used to troubleshoot, qualify and quantify noise, vibrations and sound quality. 

Speaker: Clement Dendievel, Account Manager, Ansys


Predicting Vibration from Trains Using Ansys LS-DYNA

This webinar presents the use of Ansys LS-DYNA for predicting the vibration caused by trains based on wheel and rail roughness modeling. It provides examples of both structural and acoustic vibrations and the associated transfer of these to train passengers and buildings near the track.

Speakers: Andrew Cunningham, Associate Director, Arup & Alexander Pett, Senior Product Manager, Ansys

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Railway Industry Webinars

Simulating Electric Locomotive Passive Safety System Operation

In this webinar, Ural Locomotives will explain how a railway rolling stock’s passive safety system is designed to improve the safety of passenger transportation, reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries and minimize the damage to rolling stock in extreme situations resulting from accidental collisions of rolling stock with obstacles.

Speakers: Yury Novozhilov, Head of HPC and highly nonlinear simulation department, CADFEM CIS & Alexander Pett, Lead Product Manager, Ansys


Webinar On Demand
Ansys Railway Industry Webinars

Railway Transportation Simulation with Ansys Motion

Railway transportation plays a key role in moving people and delivering cargo in a safe, efficient manner. Today’s trains must have a high-level of stability, be comfortable for passengers whether the train is empty or fully loaded, and also have a low level of vibration and noise.

Speakers: Daesung Bae, Virtual Motion & Alexandere Pett, Lead Product Manager, Ansys

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