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Passenger Security and Wellbeing 

Simulation helps to identify edge cases and correct them. This sentence can be used for all the use cases from sensor detection to mood lighting. By simulating optical systems at different levels (system, sensor, lighting), it is possible to ensure a high degree of physics in the models and tend to be closer to reality without any conception delay and cost.

Rail transportation in one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to carry millions of commuters comfortably and quickly. The European Commission has declared 2021 as the European Year of Rail. The European Green Deal aims to achieve a 90% reduction in transport emissions by 2050. According to Aberdeen, the best-in-class companies use simulation at all stage of product development, that help them to decrease number of physical prototypes by 11%, save 14% on external failure costs and have 21% greater year-over-year increase in operating margin. Join our webinars to learn more about digital simulation and how your company can benefit of it.Ansys offers you a series of webinars dedicated to the sustainable mobility and how digital simulation can help to face current challenges.

Speakers: Benoît Heraud, Application Engineer at Ansys


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