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Ansys Pharma Webinar Series

The recent pandemic has clearly illustrated that it is no longer acceptable to wait 10 years before safely releasing a new drug or vaccine. To accelerate this process without compromising with patient safety, computer modeling and simulation (CM&S) — also known as “in-silico” methods -- have demonstrated their importance in a variety of areas: 

  • Accelerating drug manufacturing, scale-up, and optimizing production
  • Optimizing the drug delivery system
  • Streamlining the regulatory approval of new devices, equipment, or treatments 

Unfortunately, many companies are still unsure of the state of art of in-silico methods, their capabilities, and equally important how to strategically deploy them inhouse. 

This pharma focused webinar series shares the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic deployment of engineering simulation throughout the lifecycle of drugs and vaccines.

Drug Manufacturing Process Modeling Webinars

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Clean-In-Place using Ansys CFD Simulations
Clean-In-Place using Ansys CFD Simulations

Discover how Ansys CFD simulation software assists in developing clean-in-place (CIP) systems using advanced modeling and simulation while reducing development time and costs and improving performance and safety. 

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Pharma Webinar Series
Optimizing Flow and Mixing Analyses in Partially Filled Mixing Tanks

Optimizing Flow and Mixing Analyses in Partially Filled Mixing Tanks. Recent advances in Ansys Fluent free surface (VOF) capabilities are enabling users to run more realistic and complex mixing tank simulations.

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Pharma Webinar Series
Predicting Species Separation During Chromatography using Ansys CFD

This webinar spotlights how Ansys CFD simulations help design chromatography columns and delivers a quick tutorial that demonstrates the entire process.

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Pharma Webinar Series
Optimizing Filling and Liquid Transport with CFD Simulation

This webinar highlights recent advances in Ansys Fluent that make filling simulations much easier to set up and quicker to run.

Webinar on Demand
Ansys Pharma Webinar Series
Mixing Tank Modeling in Ansys Fluent

Learn how to use Ansys Fluent for simulation of different physical processes that occur in a mixing tank. Various case studies that explain the different modeling options will be presented.

Drug Delivery Modeling Webinars

Webinar on demand
Ansys Pharma Webinar Series
Closing the Loop on Medical Device Systems Simulation: An Insulin Delivery System

Learn about a systems simulation solution of a wearable insulin pump that illustrates the complexities of developing these multi-disciplinary systems.

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