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Clean-In-Place using Ansys CFD Simulations

Discover how Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software assists in developing clean-in-place (CIP) systems by providing modeling and simulation capabilities to design spray nozzles, predict spray coverage, and anticipate liquid change-over in equipment. CIP systems are essential in the chemical, food, process, and pharmaceutical industries, where large tanks are filled, emptied, and refilled with various products many times. Prior to refilling a tank with a new product, manufacturers must ensure that any residue from the previous batch is completely removed from the tank’s internal surface to ensure subsequent product quality. A CIP system is the standard process used to clean a tank between uses and product changeover. In this webinar, learn how CFD simulation reduces CIP development time and costs while improving performance and safety.  

Speakers: Thierry Marcha, Hossam Metwally

What Attendees will learn

  • How Ansys CFD simulation software reduces the time needed to verify that a CIP system is meeting its objective efficiently
  • Quantified benefits of adopting modeling and simulation for CIP systems, including time and cost savings
  • How to identify the ingredients needed for a successful CIP simulation

Who should attend

Engineers and R&D sector from pharmaceutical, chemical processing, food, and bioreactor industries


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