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Improving Component and System-level EMI/EMC Performance through Simulation

Abstract: As autonomy and electrification increase the complexity of automotive design from an electronics standpoint, simulation has become an increasingly important tool to improve electrical performance, to predict failure points, and to speed up the overall design process.  In this presentation, we will discuss how electromagnetic simulation can be used to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems and increase chances of passing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.  


Robert Towne


Robert Towne

Lead Application Engineer, Ansys 

Robert Towne is a lead application engineer at Ansys. In his role, Towne works within the high-frequency electromagnetics team and supports multiple tool sets, including SIwave, HFSS, Circuit, and Q3D. With over ten years of simulation experience, his current work uses computational electromagnetics to analyze and validate printed circuit boards and other complex systems in high-speed signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic interference.

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