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Empowering the Hydrogen Value Chain Through Simulation

Unlock the full potential of hydrogen to optimize processes, scaling, and safety with a comprehensive solution that maximizes the efficiency and longevity of hydrogen energy systems.

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Hydrogen: Fueling the Future of Clean Energy

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable energy sources, hydrogen has emerged as a crucial player. As the energy industry undergoes transformative shifts, Ansys simulation and digital engineering tools take center stage in optimizing every aspect of hydrogen's journey—from production and storage to distribution and utilization. These tools drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

This eBook unveils how simulation revolutionizes the entire hydrogen value chain, empowering companies to overcome challenges and make hydrogen a green, economical fuel source.

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Simulation in the Hydrogen Economy

Curious to delve deeper into the dynamics of the hydrogen industry? Tune in to the Hydrogen Industry Leaders podcast, where Ansys' distinguished engineer, Pepi Maksimovic, shares insights on how physics-based simulations play a critical role in shaping the growing hydrogen economy.

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On-Demand Webinar
Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption Using Ansys Simulation: Part 4 - Utilization

Join us for the final webinar in the four-part series, which offers valuable insight into understanding how simulation can help to optimize gas turbine or furnace efficiency without compromising stability in the operating conditions range, control the NOx emission, predict polarization curves, optimize design, and improve the longevity of fuel cells.

On-Demand Webinar
Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption Using Ansys Simulation: Part 3 - StorageTransport

Join us for the third in a four-part series, where we will look at the comprehensive solution for hydrogen storage, from doing a quick assessment of a hydrogen tank filling using a thermal desktop to carrying out detailed 3D simulations of hydrogen leakage and auto-ignition.

On-Demand Webinar
Producing hydrogen
Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption Using Ansys Simulation: Part 2 - Production

Join us for the second in a four-part series, where we will look at the ways hydrogen is currently being produced, as well as showing examples that will help you understand the simulation process and its outcomes as well as help in setting up your own simulations.

On-Demand Webinar
Hydrogen combustion simulation
Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption Using Ansys Simulation: Part 1 - Overview

Join us for the first in a four part series which will focus on understanding the aspects of the hydrogen value chain together wth an overview of the related simulation applications.

On-Demand Webinar
Enabling Simulation-Based Digital Twins Using Ansys Solutions for the Energy Sector

Learn how simulation-based digital twins can be used in the energy sector throughout the product lifecycle, from design to operations and maintenance. Digital twins act as virtual sensors, monitoring the health and potentially extending the remaining useful life of a component through predictive maintenance.

Simulation: A New Tool for the Environmental Transition of Industries – Part 2

Learn about Hydrogen, from its extraction phase to its use phase using simulation.

Green Fuel Revolution: Hydrogen Life Cycle and the Role of Simulation

Learn how Ansys simulation plays a vital role in resolving the challenges in the hydrogen lifecycle from production to distribution, storage, transport, and consumption.


NanoSUN Delivers Hydrogen Fuel Safely at Scale with Ansys

See how NanoSUN is applying simulation software to help commercialize green hydrogen refueling solutions.

C Zero startup program
The Future of Energy Looks Turquoise

See how C-Zero, a member of the Ansys Startup Program, is changing the nature of hydrogen production with its innovative methane pyrolysis process.

Hydrogen combustion simulation
Accelerate Hydrogen Adoption Using Simulation

Simulation provides an understanding of the combustion characteristics of hydrogen, which can help address the key challenges of using hydrogen as a fuel.

Freudenberg Brings e-Power Solutions to the Maritime Industry

The Freudenberg Group has turned its attention to creating a scalable, carbon-neutral power and propulsion system for marine vessels.

Schaeffler electrolyzers fuel cells
Imagining a Hydrogen-Powered Future Thanks to Simulation

See how Schaeffler develops technologies across disciplines and divisions for the automotive and power industries with the help of Ansys simulation software.

Unlocking Potential in Hydrogen Production

Simulation offers a gateway to optimize production processes. By refining equipment geometries, enhancing efficiency, and reducing waste, substantial improvements become achievable through simulation. 

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Enhancing Storage & Distribution Efficiency

Thorough research into hydrogen storage and distribution, crucial for operational success and safety, is made possible through simulation. Simulation allows for in-depth analysis before physical testing, ensuring optimal outcomes while upholding environmental and personnel safety standards.

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Balancing Utilization Excellence

Hydrogen utilization demands meticulous internal stability. From refining fuel cell hydrothermal management to addressing imbalances in combustion systems, simulation emerges as the key to unlocking the full potential of hydrogen utilization. 

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