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Using Simulation to Help in Green Fuel Revolution: Hydrogen Life Cycle and the Role of Simulation

Oil and gas refiners are being required to make large capital expenditures and increase hydrogen usage for low sulfur fuels that are mandated by new environmental standards. This webinar will: 

  1. Provide insights on how simulation is playing a vital role in resolving the challenges in the hydrogen lifecycle from production to distribution, storage, transport and consumption.
  2. Review use cases for different hydrogen production processes:  a) grey hydrogen, b) converting grey hydrogen to blue hydrogen, and c) green hydrogen.
  3. Highlight the use of Ansys Fluent for applications like steam reformers, pyrolysis chambers, electrolyzers, fuel cells, hydrogen combustion turbines and more.
  4. Show how simulation can help scale up production and handle hydrogen safely

Speakers: Anchal Jatale, Lead Application Engineer & Mohammad Elyyan, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys


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