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Enabling Simulation-Based Digital Twins Using Ansys Solutions for the Energy Sector

Simulation has traditionally been used for product development to reduce the need for physical prototyping, leading to shorter product development cycles and more technology innovations. The emergence of IoT platforms to access live, monitored data opens new perspectives to better product operation and reduced risk of expensive failure modes.

Simulation-based digital twins can be used throughout the product lifecycle from design to operations and maintenance. These digital twins act as virtual sensors, monitoring the health and remaining useful life of a component. They can also be used to explore what-if scenarios and do predictive maintenance. Simulation-based digital twins are built from models that accurately capture the physical behavior of the system.


Speaker: Edward Carman


What you will learn

  • Learn how Ansys Digital Twin solutions can enable simulation-based digital twins for the energy sector.
  • Create and deploy complex system models, composed of libraries of multiphysics components, control and high-fidelity simulations using reduced-order models (ROMs) for 3D simulations.


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