Spring 2018

A New Electrification Revolution

Dimensions — Spring 2018

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive and driven by product engineering innovation. This issue of Dimensions magazine explores how world-leading companies tackle challenges including electrification, smart products, the need for more computing power and digital healthcare through pervasive engineering simulation.

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  • Simulation Redefined

    Simulation must be used every day, on every product, across the entire product lifecycle, to study and improve every aspect of performance, or your company may be at risk.
  • A New Electrification Revolution

    Organizations must adapt to new requirements for energy demand, production and consumption through electrification.
  • Timeless Design for the Digital Age

    Sub-Zero is taking this 70-year-old luxury appliance business into the digital age, while retaining its products’ traditional appeal.
  • Pumped Up: Innovating Mature Products

    Grundfos differentiates itself in an increasingly competitive market through new digital functionality and increased energy efficiency — all to deliver added value to its customers.
  • Electrifying the Aviation Industry

    The University of Nottingham’s Institute for Aerospace Technology conducts ongoing efforts to electrify traditional aircraft designs for lower environmental impact and greater energy efficiency.
  • A Healthy Future

    Simulation is increasingly being leveraged in the healthcare sector to demonstrate product performance during the regulatory approval process — where it can significantly reduce time and costs.
  • Taking HPC to New Heights

    Companies can address complex engineering problems via the strategic use of high-performance computing (HPC) resources.
  • Re-Energized

    TECO-Westinghouse continues to produce groundbreaking electrical machines that operate at new levels of speed and energy efficiency.

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