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The Definitive Guide to an Electronic Assembly Design Review

The Definitive Guide to an Electronic Assembly Design Review / 1 A design review is a comprehensive assessment of the design of a product with reliability as the driving factor. Undergoing a design review in the initial stages of product development is essential to ensure a product is fully operable prior to the final stages of development. This conserves business’ resources, reduces cost, and, most importantly, expedites time to market.

You cannot achieve these business goals without a design review methodology in place that ensures your product — from its initial stages to the final stage — functions as planned. Therefore, the design review should occur as early in the design stage as possible to eliminate any need for redesign, retooling or rework later in the design process or after the product has already gone to prototype.

This guide is designed to provide businesses — particularly within electronic and manufacturing industries — insight into the design review process, Ansys’ approach to design reviews and how you can overcome common product design flaws for electronic hardware.


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