Reducing Product Development Risk and Complexity with Model-based Systems Engineering and Embedded Software


In nearly every industry, consumers are benefiting from, and have even come to expect, a "smart" product -- smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, smart buildings, smart appliances, etc. A product's "smartness" can take many forms, but in general these are highly engineered, multifunctional products which rely heavily on electronics and embedded software to continuously monitor performance, usage and the environment, and then automatically react to improve product function. Although, the combination of software, electronics, and hardware has enabled substantial new product capabilities and flexibility, it has also introduced a higher degree of risk and complexity in the product development process. In this webinar, we'll introduce the ANSYS system engineering vision to manage complexity, coordinate interdisciplinary engineering, and verify the system early. The presentation relies on an electric drive design example which combines embedded software simulation with electronics and hardware design. We will then demonstrate a complete system simulation, from circuit level 0-D to physics level 3-D, to Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) techniques and embedded software. The demonstration will highlight: - Automatic electric circuit model extraction from a manufacturer's data sheet for Li-Ion batteries. - State Space ROM thermal model, extracted from a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problem - Electrical parasitic extraction of a bus bar assembly - Identification of system level requirements using SysML - Automatic generation of ISO 26262 certifiable C code.


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